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ApsaraDB refers to a range of stable, reliable and scalable online database services. It globally provides intuitive operation and maintenance of more than 90% of the mainstream open source and commercial databases (such as MySQL, SQL Server, and Redis). Also, ApsaraDB provides POLARDB databases with over 6 times the performance compared to other databases with the same price. In addition, ApsaraDB offers HybridDB with 100TB of real-time data computational capabilities. ApsaraDB delivers a comprehensive solution that includes disaster recovery, backups, restoration, monitoring, and migration.

An introduction to a complete database product line

Relational Database Service

SQL Server

Non-relational database (NoSQL)


Hybrid analytical databases, database tools, and more

HybridDB for PostgreSQL
Data Transmission Service

ApsaraDB for MySQL

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database. As an important part of LAMP, a combination of open source software (Linux + Apache + MySQL + Perl/PHP/Python), MySQL is widely used in a variety of applications.

Start at US$0 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

High performance
Alibaba Cloud has accumulated years of experience in production and optimization by gathering key opinions from top database experts in China and aggregating performance data on all the RDS instances.
High security
RDS has Professional security team and enables anti-DDoS protection, access control policy, system security.
High reliability
RDS uses hot standby, and have Multi-copy redundancy. It also provides an automatic backup mechanism. You can recover data by selecting a backup set or point in time.
Cheap and ease-to-use
RDS meet your on-demand upgrades requirement. With a Simple deployment you can create a specified instance instantly. And you can independently perform management operations in the Alibaba Cloud console.

ApsaraDB for SQL Server

SQL Server is one of the first commercial databases and is an important part of the Windows platform (IIS + .NET + SQL Server), with support for a wide range of enterprise applications. The SQL Server Management Studio software comes with a rich set of built-in graphical tools and script editors. You can quickly get started with a variety of database operations through a visual interface.

Start at US$130 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

High stability
Automatically switch to the mirror instance after the primary instance fails, maintained by Alibaba Cloud's top database experts.
High cost performance
There are Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition license, users do not need to pay an additional license fee.
Comprehensive monitoring of alarms
Dozens of performance monitoring data, custom alarm configuration, master database dynamics
High security
Support TDE, SSL and other encryption technologies to prevent dragging.

ApsaraDB for PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database. As an academic relational database management system, what sets PostgreSQL apart is that its full compliance with SQL specifications and robust support for a diverse range of data formats (including JSON, IP, and geometric data, which are not supported by most commercial databases).

Start at US$33 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Compatible with NoSQL
Compatible with SQL: 2011, rich data types, direct support for SQL operations JSON and XML.
Plug-in management
Support GIS geographic information, cloud storage space expansion, Chinese word segmentation, etc., making development easier.
Efficient query
Cost-based SQL query optimizer, multi-table correlation query performance is several times higher than MySQL
Safe and Stable
SQL audit, identity isolation goes deep into the field level; support IP whitelist anti-DDoS attack

ApsaraDB for PPAS

Postgres Plus Advanced Server (PPAS) is a stable, secure, and scalable enterprise-level relational database. Based on PostgreSQL, PPAS delivers enhanced performance, application solutions, and compatibility, and provides the capability to run Oracle applications directly. It is a reliable and cost-effective option for running a variety of enterprise applications.

Start at US$241 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Highly compatible with Oracle
Compatible with Oracle data types, PL/SQL reduces workload by 90% compared to other databases.
Automated deployment
Complete all deployment configurations in 5 minutes Fully automated to avoid human error.
City disaster recovery
HA enterprise-level architecture full double redundancy guarantee Double-center in the same city, the same price doubles security.
Genuine compliance
Includes license to avoid compliance audit risks and assist companies in completing the legalization of the database.

ApsaraDB for Redis

ApsaraDB for Redis is an automated and scalable tool for developers to manage data storage shared across multiple processes, applications or servers.

Start at US$0 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Provides Redis hosting which is compatible with open-source Redis protocol. Rapidly deploys Redis-compliant cache services.
Easy to use
Easy to use Management Console. Enhanced visibility into queues with monitoring statistics.
Quickly allows to add or delete storage capacity/cache nodes. Adjust storage capacity without interrupting application services.
High Availability
Automatically detects node failure and replaces failed nodes. Offers master-slave dual node backup architecture without service interruptions.
Provides high-speed data read-write capabilities. Ensures persistent data storage using memory and hard disk storage mode.

ApsaraDB for MongoDB

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for MongoDB is a secure, reliable, and elastically scalable cloud database service. It currently supports the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures and can be quickly deployed in just a few steps.

Start at US$0 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Reliable Storage
Built based on Alibaba Cloud Apsara distributed file system and SSD high-performance storage. Three-node ReplicaSet architecture, ensuring redundant data storage.
Elastic Scaling
Supports both the ReplicaSet and Sharding architectures. Nodes of the ReplicaSet and Sharding can be upgraded or downgraded as required to scale resources.
Professional Services
Senior Alibaba Cloud technical team members available to provide professional services to boost security and resource elasticity.
Cost-effective with no upfront cost or long-term commitment. Offers flexible payment options including Monthly Subscription and Pay-As-You-Go.

ApsaraDB for Memcache

ApsaraDB for Memcache is a managed memory based caching service, which supports high-speed access to queries and data. ApsaraDB for Memcache improves the response of dynamic websites or applications by relieving the load on the backend database as cache data is stored in-memory.

Start at US$15 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Restores services automatically with distributed clustering and load balancing design. Protects deployments from Single Point of Failures by replacing unhealthy nodes.
Easy provisioning through the Alibaba Cloud Management Console for memcached hosting. Easy to change configurations without any service interruptions.
Compatible with open-source Memcached binary (SASL) protocol. Simplifies and automates database management within memcached hosting.
Supports fully encrypted SSL connection without compromising performance. Ensures restricted access to server to prevent various network attacks.

HybridDB for PostgreSQL

ApsaraDB HybridDB for PostgreSQL is an online MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) data warehousing service based on the open source Greenplum Database.

Start at $0.258 / hour(s)

Main Benefits and Scenes

Superior Performance
ApsaraDB HybridDB enables mixed use of row and column stores. Column stores are 100 times faster than OLAP analytics between row stores.
Hybrid Analytics
Supports real-time analytics on GIS data in SQL syntax to assist in LBS statistics for IoT devices and other Internet-based statistics.
Flexible Scalability
Scale the computing unit (CPU, memory, and storage space) and increase the OLAP performance to handle hundreds of terabytes.
Stable and Reliable
Supports distributed database ACID transactions where all data is synchronized into two copies on two nodes.
Supports rich OLAP SQL syntax and functions, as well as numerous Oracle functions.

Data Transmission Service

Data Transmission Service (DTS) helps you migrate data between data storage types, such as relational database, NoSQL, and OLAP. The service supports homogeneous migrations as well as heterogeneous migration between different data storage types.

Start at US$118.08 / month

Main Benefits and Scenes

Zero Downtime
Data Transmission Service helps you migrate data with virtually no downtime.
High Performance
DTS's high performance supports replication in parallel, and supports multiple network optimization features, such as data compression and packet retransmission.
Supports Most Widely Used Databases
DTS can migrate your data to and from most of the widely used commercial and open source databases.


HiTSDB is a stable, reliable, and cost-effective online high-performance time series database service. It provides a range of functions such as data reading and writing capabilities, high-compression-ratio storage, time series temporal data interpolation, and aggregate computing.

Main Benefits and Scenes

Superior Performance
Optimized structural algorithm and excellent performance, enabling millions of data points to be read and written in seconds.
Low Storage Cost
Efficient compression algorithm that lowers the storage cost by more than 90% through reducing the size of each data point to approximately 2 bytes.
Powerful Data Analysis Capabilities
Precision reduction and a variety of functions for aggregate computing.
Ease of Use
Comprehensive monitoring and O&M, and support for general time series protocols.


Distributed Relational Database Service (DRDS) is a lightweight (stateless), flexible, stable, and efficient middleware product independently developed by Alibaba Group to resolve scalability issues with single-host relational databases.

Main Benefits and Scenes

Data reading, writing, and storage are distributed in clusters, and are not limited by the capacity of an individual server, allowing for unlimited connections to your services.
DRDS specifications can be flexibly upgraded and downgraded. DRDS storage can be scaled from the console. In addition, read/write splitting enhances the read capacity on a linear scale.
Database and table sharding allows for operations to be made to a small amount of data. Multiple sharding modes are available for different types of data.
The account management system in DRDS runs in a similar way to an account system on a single MySQL server. The API supports authentication and authorization to guarantee security for your business systems.

Tackle the challenges of real-time data synchronization between China and the world with global data transfer within milliseconds

If you want to develop your business in China, you have to deal with data synchronization between different locations. Long physical distances and inadequate cross-border network capabilities may lead to severe data access latency and lousy user experience.

So how do we ensure low latency synchronization of merchandise data and transaction data between different countries required by your business?

Alibaba Cloud's Data Transmission Service (DTS) supports ultra-low latency data synchronization of databases between nodes in different locations to ensure high business availability. According to our test data, it allows for up to 3884TPS and 15500QPS transfer between the US West (Silicon Valley) and China East (Hangzhou) nodes with an average network latency of only 175ms. Ultra-fast data transfer helps users save on wait time and boosts your business' development in China, making distance an issue of the past.

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Develop your business: Helps you save time & zero additional cost

With rapid business growth, data read and write requests— mainly read requests—will increase at least ten times; this seriously challenges database performance. If database capabilities are not upgraded, serious issues may affect your business, for example, a server may breakdown due to access overloads.

To tackle this challenge, Alibaba Cloud supports the use of read-only instances to promote database performance and mitigate business pressure. Alibaba Cloud also provides free "Automatic Read/Write Splitting" technology that splits SQL requests and manages load balancing automatically. This automation eliminates the need to modify or decipher read/write layers and eliminates high cost and latency issues.

Most importantly, you do not need to pay extra money to use Automatic Read/Write Splitting only if you have read-only instances, thus helping your business developing fast.

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Deploy and Work Globally on the Cloud

map icon
US East
Virginia data center
US West
Silicon Valley data center
Mumbai data center
London data center
Middle East
Dubai data center
Effective coverage of Northeast Asia
China South
Shenzhen data center
Hong Kong
Gateway to China and the world
China North
Beijing, Qingdao, Zhangjiakou & Hohhot data centers
China East
Shanghai & Hangzhou data centers
Singapore data center
Sydney data center
Kuala Lumpur data center
Jakarta data center
Frankfurt data center

International news

Alibaba Cloud Receives MySQL Corporate Contributor Award
Previous award winners include Github, Facebook, and Oracle to name just a few. Alibaba Cloud is the first Chinese company to win the award. This award is presented as an appreciation for the outstanding contributions made by Alibaba Cloud to the MySQL community. It is worth mentioning that Alibaba Cloud's open source AliSQL has been officially adopted by MySQL and is being utilized by more and more developers.
Learn More

Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB RDS team's Peng Lixun (first person from the right) receiving the award on behalf of Alibaba.

Alibaba Cloud was invited to attend the top database conference ICDE
In April 2018, Alibaba Cloud was invited to attend ICDE (one of the three largest global database conferences). While there, the organizers arranged a special session for Alibaba Cloud representatives to make a speech for industry experts from around the world. The Alibaba Cloud representative publicly proposed the Cloud Native database concept and made some predictions as far as ApsaraDB's future development.

Alibaba Cloud Product Director He Yunfei making a speech at ICDE


What is RDS

ApsaraDB for RDS (Relational Database Service) is a stable and reliable online database service

Comparison between RDS and local DB

Performance comparison (Service availability, Data reliability,System security etc.) & Price comparison

Quick Start for MySQL

This document describes the procedure right from purchasing an RDS instance to its usage.

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