Program Overview

Alibaba Cloud Service Partners (ASP) works with consulting and service providers of various sizes to customize and optimize your Alibaba Cloud system and applications. Our service partners include distribution channels, system integrators, regional service providers, strategic consulting firms, and other companies that can provide relevant consulting services.

Alibaba Cloud Service Partners
  • Cloud Migration Partners
    ASP cloud migration partners help you transform your infrastructure by ensuring smooth cloud migration planning and implementation.
  • Architecture Design Partners
    ASP architecture optimization partners provide you with app and product architecture consulting as well as service optimization based on best practices on the Internet.
  • Consulting Partners
    Professional teams of ASP consulting partners are at your service to help you navigate any issues you may encounter and ensure a pleasant cloud experience.
  • Technology Managed Partners
    ASP Technology Managed Partners provides a one-stop solution to cover all your IT operation and management needs.
Service Partner Benefits
Training and Empowerment
Through technical training and empowerment, we enhance our partners' capabilities in using cloud products and providing technical services.
Business Development
Business and commercial support provided by dedicated partner development managers and exclusive financial support, helping your organization succeed in the cloud computing field.
Marketing Channel Diversification
A wide range of marketing opportunities, such as online promotions, offline customer, seminars, and industry expos.
Professional Technical Support
Technical support in multiple technical fields, giving you an edge in vertical markets.
Onboard Process
Be a registered company that provide expertise solutions on Alibaba Cloud.
Should have a defined customer support process and responsive support organization.
Able to clearly describe service capabilities, including information about experience in cloud service support, main regions with cloud service support, and supported languages.
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