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Fusionex International

Fusionex is a multi-award-winning IT software group specializing in Big Data Analytics, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Deep Learning. Fusionex helps clients manage, make sense of, and derive useful insights from the vast amounts of structured and unstructured data at their disposal. Fusionex focuses on bridging the gap between business and technology, and in doing so, providing an exceptional and positive experience to customers of various markets. Fusionex is committed to creating value by providing the best experience to enterprises across the globe through its innovative software offerings and solutions.

Fusionex’s suite of solutions improves operational efficiency in our clients’ businesses via our in-depth knowledge across diverse market sectors together with our ability to identify and analyze industry-specific challenges. Fusionex’s core solutions include:

Fusionex GIANT

GIANT is an end-to-end Big Data Analytics solution that allows users to consolidate and analyze their data to discover insights in real-time. GIANT collects data from local files, cloud services, IoT sensors, and more. It cleans data, produces visualizations, and conducts predictive and prescriptive analytics.

Fusionex ANT for SME

ANT is a digital commerce platform that enables an in-store shopping experience and provides a real-time data platform for SME businesses. ANT provides an e-commerce platform that integrates online stores, digital marketplaces, mobile applications, social media marketing, online payment facilities, and more.

Fusionex Loyalty Management System (LMS)

LMS discerns the behavior of customers and opens up paths for organizations to provide customers with a more unique buying experience. It also steers customers away from pricing as a single motivator in determining purchases. LMS allows flexible points collection, personalized redemptions, and more.

Fusionex Octagon

Octagon offers a stable, secure, and flexible solution for e-commerce and m-commerce. The platform lets businesses offer their customers bespoke shopping experiences and convenient delivery options. Features include shopping carts, shareable products, product reviews, and more.

Fusionex Central Reservation System (CRS)

CRS offers travelers the freedom to make bookings how and when they want. CRS’ multi-channel booking allows customers to find hotels on any device, app, or website. The platform’s dynamic packaging allows for the bundling of F&B, spas, and tours and has features that include upselling, cross-selling, and flexible payment.

Fusionex Entertainment Management and Experience System (EMEX)

EMEX is a comprehensive management solution for the entire entertainment and resort business. It facilitates, records, and analyzes all chip requests, messages, patron ratings, and gaming activities. EMEX enables you to leverage a data-driven strategy to run multiple business units independently.

Fusionex Mobile Concierge (For You)

For You gives users the world at their fingertips. This platform connects service providers so users can enjoy instant on-call help to plan events, book venues, purchase items, arrange transportation, and more.