LAMP Stack(Apache PHP5.6 MySQL5.6) on Ubuntu16

Architecture : 64-bit



This image is built with Ubuntu16.04 64bit and bundled with following popular software for web service solution. It includes ready-to-run versions of Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin and all of the other software required to run each of those components. Optimized to add your security concern.


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Software version:


PHP5.6.30, PHP7.1.7,PHP7.0.21, PHP5.5.38,PHP5.4.45,PHP5.3.29







Image Feature:

Source compiler installation, download the latest and most stable version from the official, security optimization

Default PHP5.6 version, Providing script switch Other PHP versions (PHP7.1,PHP7.0, PHP5.5, PHP5.4, PHP5.3)

Jemalloc optimize MySQL

Providing add a virtual host script, include Let's Encrypt SSL certificate

Add ftp acount to Apache via the shell script menu

Provide MySQL,PHP, Redis, Memcached,phpMyAdmin upgrade script

Provide local backup and remote backup (rsync between servers) 、Alibaba cloud OSS backup(Intranet) script


By default, network access is turned off to a ECS instance. You can specify rules in a security group that allows access from an IP address range, port, or ECS security group.

You must specify port numbers (for TCP):

22 (ssh)

80 (http)

443 (https)

21, 20000~30000 (ftp)

Security groups document URL:

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