KASS Enterprise Content Management System

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Providing businesses with the most professional office content management solutions.


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Safety--Protecting core data assets of enterprises

·             A rigorous authority system, and files are only available to permitted users

·             A protection mechanism of whole process, like functions of documents read-only, preview, version management, deletion and recovery

·             A comprehensive log audit, and any operation of documents can be traced back

High efficiency--Promoting data flow inside and outside enterprises

·             The one-stop settlement of document addition, deletion, modification, sharing, edit, collaboration, external links and comments

·             A fast file search, saving 90 per cent of the document transmitting and searching time

·             A powerful file approval workflow, enhancing 60% of organizational performance

Transfer--Permanently keeping knowledge assets of enterprises

·             Mass storage and centralized management of all corporate knowledge assets in file types

·             Documents within the system will be no longer lost and history files can be used and referred to at any time

·             Seamless file transfer, coherent knowledge layers and extends corporate knowledge system


Mobile officing--Infinitely extending the working time

·             Supporting IOS, Android mobile platforms

·             Linking WeChat accounts of enterprises without installation

·             Offering optimum experience of mobile officing anytime and anywhere, simple and convenient

Product User Guide

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Beijing Time:5*8 hours
email service: support@kass.com.cn

More information please reference company website: http://www.kass.com.cn


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