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Be the Entrepreneur could help you registered Chinese-invested enterprise quickly,take the advantage of market access qualification of Be the Entrepreneur and facilitate enterprise to build the corporate framework and industrial market access quickly.


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Package Introduction:
Provide the service package of Chinese-invested (regional) Enterprise Registration Service, Fiscal Trusteeship, ICP licensing and Public Security for the Record and Filing, thus rapidly open the Chinese market.
1) Chinese invested enterprise:
According to investment sources,the chinese enterprises could be divided into chinese-invested enterprise and foreign-invested enterprise and exercise different taxation policy over the two types of enterprises;The same type of enterprise have different internal organization structures and taxation policy.Therefore,different types of enterprises shoulder different tax burden.The selection of enterprise type is an important issue need to be considered before the investor made investment decisions.
2) Fiscal Trusteeship:
The enterprise will entrust the financial accounting and foreign fiscal and taxation declaration to professional bookkeeping agency for completion, this company only need to set up the cashier position which is responsible for the daily balance of revenue and expenditure business and property custody.
3) the ICP Filing and Record
The country (China) implements licensing system for profitable Internet information service and practice a system of record and filing for non-operational Internet information services. Those enterprises who have not obtained a license or not to put on record formalities shall not be allowed to engage in Internet information services(free).
4) Filing and Record for Public Security
In accordance with the relevant provisions of security, protection and administration measures for the International Networking of Computer Information Network, after various websites were successfully filed and kept record in the ministry of Industry and Information Technology, they need to login into the services platform of the Internet Security Management of Organs of National Public Security and submit an application for Public Security Recording within 30 days from the date of such websites opening. (free)

From the perspective of investors,The advantage of establishing chinese-invested enterprise are as follows:
1.Independently control, easy to manage;
2.The cost of establishing the chinese-invested enterprise is relatively low, compared with the foreign-invested enterprise and which could ease the burden of entrepreneur.
3.It could set up many branches in many cities across China so as to easy to expand business in mainland market as long as the headquarter of the company is established in the city.
4.It is not subject to foreign investment restrictions when applying for ICP license.



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