Why Enterprises Should Migrate to the Cloud

With the development of the cloud computing industry, the popularization of the concept of cloud computing, and the deepening of people's understanding of cloud computing technology, enterprise customers have begun to have more requirements for cloud computing services, resulting in more and more traditional enterprises beginning to transform. Therefore, going to the cloud has become a rigid need for many enterprises now.

1. What is the "cloud"?

"Cloud" refers to a platform based on intelligence, a new model that provides on-demand resources (including computing resources, storage resources, application software, services and networks, etc.) on a large scale. "Cloud" can indeed drive process innovation and business innovation and become a new profit growth point for enterprises.

2. What it means for businesses to move to the cloud

Enterprise cloud migration means that enterprises deploy their basic systems, management and services to the cloud through the network, and use the network to more conveniently obtain computing, storage, software, data and other services provided by cloud service providers, so as to improve the efficiency of resource allocation , reduce the cost of informatization construction, and promote the development of the sharing economy.

3. Why should enterprises migrate to the cloud?

(1) Reduce the cost of enterprise technology development
Enterprises migrating to the cloud can reduce their technology development costs. Most small and medium-sized enterprises do not have huge IT budgets, and their energy to deal with technology procurement issues is also quite limited. We need to spend our limited funds where we really need it. This is also common to SMEs. Using cloud computing services is much cheaper than buying general physical hardware, so SMEs can get rid of a lot of unnecessary expenses.

(2) One-stop cloud migration with rich product lines
Cloud computing provides not only the computing services of cloud servers, but also more peripheral cloud products. Taking Alibaba Cloud as an example, the ECS cloud server is the basic unit for enterprises to migrate to the cloud. If the user's application scenario requires higher disaster tolerance, you can deploy the ECS in different availability zones; if you want to separate the database, You can choose ApsaraDB for ApsaraDB for RDS to NoSQL ApsaraDB for a variety of versions; you can use object storage OSS and Alibaba Cloud CDN to improve network speed; if you are attacked by peers or others, you can also access the cloud shield security class products, etc.

(3) The flexibility of enterprise cloud computing
The "cloud" brings greater flexibility and mobility, allowing businesses to start work on one machine and finish it on another. In actual traditional enterprises, we often encounter that the company's data can only be obtained in the company, and after returning home, it cannot be linked to the company's server. Of course, there is a security factor. On the other hand, traditional IT services do have their inflexible drawbacks.

(4) Easy to upgrade
With the development of the enterprise, the enterprise may increase the replacement and upgrade of the enterprise's software and hardware products, which will undoubtedly become a large expense. However, after the enterprise goes to the cloud, the enterprise can flexibly choose to upgrade its cloud computing according to its own development situation. combo. In addition, enterprises do not need to worry about hardware upgrades. These are the small sites that cloud computing vendors such as Alibaba Cloud need to worry about.

(5) Enterprises go to the cloud to reduce operation and maintenance expenses
Data service centers of traditional enterprises need special personnel to operate and maintain. Cloud services can provide enterprises with efficient management plans. Enterprises can use the cloud to reduce operating expenses and obtain maximum security and convenience.

There are countless advantages for enterprises to go to the cloud. Since enterprises need cloud computing as an auxiliary tool to assist their business operations, why not leave the enterprise cloud computing to a more professional team? Such as Alibaba Cloud!

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