What is a domain name? Where can I buy a domain name?

This article introduces some basic concepts involved in domain name products and where to buy domain names, including an overview of domain names, domain name structure, and other concepts so that you can better understand domain name products.

1. Domain Name Overview

Domain names are a key part of the Internet infrastructure. They provide a human-readable address for any available web server on the Internet. Any computer connected to the Internet can be accessed through a public IP address. Computers can easily handle these IP addresses, but it is difficult for a person to find out who is running these servers and what services these websites provide. IP addresses are difficult to remember and may change over time. To solve these problems, we use easy-to-remember addresses, called domain names.

If you want your website or web application to be accessible on the Internet, you first need to register a domain name.

2. Domain Name Structure: Top-Level Domain Names, Second-Level Domain Names, and Third-Level Domain Names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is responsible for administering and coordinating the domain name system of the Internet. According to ICANN's definition, a complete domain name has at least two parts, each part is separated by ".", the right part of the last "." is called the top-level domain name, also known as the first-level domain name; the last "." The left part of the second-level domain name is called the second-level domain name; the left part of the second-level domain name is called the third-level domain name, and so on. Each level of domain name controls the distribution of its next-level domain name.

(1) Top-level domains include the following:
Country and region top-level domain name: the geographic location of the corresponding country and region.
Generic top-level domains: Top-level domains used by some specific organizations, corresponding to different categories of domain names.
New generic top-level domains: Also called new top-level domains, new top-level domains, etc.

(2) Second-level domain name
A domain name below the top-level domain name. In the second-level domain name, there are usually two "." signs. The directory form "alibabacloud.com/domain/" is not a second-level domain name, but a sub-page. Such as ".gov.cn", ".org.cn", etc.

(3) Third-level domain name
The domain name under the second-level domain name is the second-level domain name plus the content on the left. The third-level domain name can be regarded as a subdomain of the second-level domain name.

3. Why do I need to buy an exclusive domain name?

(1) Unique certification
Every domain name is unique, and registering an exclusive domain name can help you build brand awareness and more directly showcase your business content and purpose.

(2) Easier to be found by customers
A domain name that is closely related to your business can make your pages appear higher in search results, helping customers discover and remember your brand.

(3) Professional reputation
Whether it's for a personal blog or a company website, having a dedicated domain name can make your content appear more credible and professional, enhancing your brand's professionalism.

4. Where can I buy a domain name?

Alibaba Cloud Domain Name Service is a comprehensive domain name management platform that integrates domain name registration, transaction, monitoring and protection. It combines Alibaba Cloud filing and cloud resolution DNS services to provide you with a full range of domain name services.

Advantages of Alibaba Cloud Domain Names:
(1) Low price and transparency: affordable price, rich domain name types to choose from, no need to pay extra ICANN fees
(2) Trustworthy domain name provider: more than 40 million domain name registrations, ranking No.1 in China's domain name market for 22 consecutive years, privacy protection, security locks, and self-inspection services to comprehensively protect your domain name
(3) Professional and flexible support services: 1-to-1 pre-sales consultation, 24/7 technical support, and after-sales response within 18 hours

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