Self-purchased servers and Alibaba Cloud servers

1. Comparison of server purchases by enterprises and Alibaba Cloud servers

In the past, it was very common for large enterprises to build their own computer rooms. Enterprises purchased servers, cabinets, UPS power supplies, switches, hardware firewalls and other computer room equipment. There are many aspects that companies need to consider when migrating from a traditional IDC computer room to the cloud. The cost issue is a big one.

Enterprises are concerned about the cost of migrating to the cloud. In fact, there are some misunderstandings about the cost of migrating to the cloud. For example: Does the enterprise not need related labor costs such as operation and maintenance? Is the self-built computer room a one-time investment? Doesn’t the hardware need to be expanded, upgraded, and updated in the future?

The company builds its own computer room, and needs to consider hardware upgrades, capacity expansion, or update iterations in the future. After going to the cloud, this is something that Alibaba Cloud should consider. Generally speaking, the business volume of an enterprise is dynamic, with peaks and troughs. It is more flexible for an enterprise to use cloud services if it goes to the cloud.

The hardware investment of the self-built computer room can be seen by the naked eye, and the labor costs, data security, and technical barriers that cannot be seen are often big pits. In terms of data storage, RAID disk arrays and data disaster recovery are required. And to go to the cloud, you can directly enjoy the distributed storage of Alibaba Cloud Pangu; you may also need a proficient OpenStack team, sophisticated database, operation and maintenance personnel, etc. to build your own computer room. Enterprises focus on their own business areas. Alibaba Cloud provides multi-industry enterprise cloud solutions, whether it is new retail, government and enterprise, manufacturing, Internet and energy industries, etc., can provide a complete set of cloud solutions.

2. About the difference between traditional IDC and Alibaba Cloud server

Ordinary IDC

1) Computer room deployment

• Traditional AC server design, high PUE value
• The quality of the equipment room is uneven, and it is difficult for users to choose, mainly sharing bandwidth
• Mainly single-line and double-line

2) Easy to operate

• Users need to prepare their own operating system and install it by themselves
• The operating system cannot be replaced online, and the user needs to reinstall
• No online management tools, difficult maintenance

3) Cost saving

• High usage cost threshold
• It cannot be purchased on demand, and must be fully configured for business peaks

4) Safe and reliable

• Difficult to prevent MAC spoofing and ARP attacks
• There are common problems such as vulnerability trojans and port scanning

Alibaba Cloud Server

1) Computer room deployment

• Self-developed DC server, green computer room design, low PUE value
• Backbone computer room with large egress bandwidth and exclusive bandwidth
• BGP multi-line computer room, smooth and balanced access across the country

2) Easy to operate

• Built-in mainstream operating system, genuine activation of Windows
• The operating system can be replaced online
• Web online management, simple and convenient

3) Cost saving

• Low usage cost threshold
• Purchase on demand, flexible payment, flexible response to business changes

4) Safe and reliable

• Effectively prevent MAC spoofing and ARP attacks
• Port intrusion scanning, Trojan scanning, vulnerability scanning and other additional services

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