Alibaba Cloud ECS data migration process


The ECS image provides the information needed to create an ECS instance. When creating an ECS instance, you must select an image. An image file is equivalent to a copy file, which contains all the data in one or more cloud disks. For ECS instances, these cloud disks can be a single system disk or a combination of system disks and data disks.

Data Migration Process of ECS Between Accounts

• Under the same account, choose to create a custom image;
• For instances of the same account in different regions, first choose to create a custom image, and then share the image.


1. Log in to the ECS management console.
2. On the left navigation bar, click Instances and Images > Instances.
3. In the upper left corner of the top menu bar, select Region.
4. Find the target instance. In the Actions column, click More > Disks and Images > Create Custom Image.
5. Enter the image name and description information.
6. Click Create.
7. You can view the progress and results in the mirror list -> custom mirror.

After sharing, view it under the instance image -> shared image under the corresponding shared account B

Data Migration Process of ECS Between Different Accounts

• Between different accounts AB, you need to first copy the image from account A to account B;
• For different accounts and different regions, just copy the image first and then share the image.

1. Log in to the ECS management console.
2. On the left navigation bar, click Instances and Images > Images.
3. In the upper left corner of the top menu bar, select Region.
4. On the image page, select the custom image tab.
5. Select the image to be copied, and click Copy Image in the Operation column.
6. In the Copy Image dialog box, complete the following configurations.
6.1. Confirm the ID of the selected custom image.
6.2. In the drop-down menu of the target region, select a region, which must be different from the current region.
6.3. Fill in the custom image name displayed by the image in the target region.
6.4. Optional: Fill in the description of the image displayed in the target region.
6.5. Optional: Check Encryption, and select the key Default Service CMK in the drop-down menu.
Default Service CMK indicates the default key created using the key management service KMS.
6.6. Click OK.
7. View results and manage tasks.
7.1. In the upper left corner of the top menu bar, switch to the target region to check the copying progress of the custom image.
When the progress is displayed as 100% and the mirroring status becomes available, the task is completed. The target region generates a new image with a unique image ID.
7.2. Optional: If the progress is not 100% and the status is creating, you can click Cancel Copy at any time.

Mirroring is suitable for deploying ECS instances across regions and backing up data across regions. After copying the image, you will get an image with the same configuration and different ID in the target region.

Images type

According to different sources, ECS images are divided into public images, custom images, shared images, and image market images.

1. Public image

The official images provided by Alibaba Cloud are all genuine licenses with good security and high stability. The public images include Windows Server system images and mainstream Linux system images. See public mirrors for more details.

2. Custom mirror

An image that you create using an instance or a snapshot, or a custom image that you import locally. For more details, see Custom Images.

3. Shared image

Images shared with you by other Alibaba Cloud accounts.

4. Mirror Market Mirror

Mirroring in the mirroring market can be divided into the following two types according to different suppliers.

4.1. Images provided by Alibaba Cloud official accounts.

4.2. The image provided by the third-party service provider ISV (Independent Software Vendor) through the authorization of Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.

The images in the image market, including the operating system and pre-installed software, have been strictly tested by the service provider and Alibaba Cloud to ensure the security of the image content.

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