Metaverse Explained: What is it, and is it Already Here?

You've probably heard in the media or from friends that the metaverse is already here, and it will be a gamechanger in terms of how we live and interact. Talks concerning the metaverse highly indicate that the metaverse is the future of the internet but leaves a big question to the non-tech savvy. What is the metaverse? Will it change our lives for the better or for worse? Will it be mandatory to put on the headsets? among others. The truth is that the internet and technology are evolving very fast while developing new features.
Augmented reality is one of the leading modes of telling stories that businesses can leverage. Its accompanying tools bring about invention and interoperability and can easily be accessed by anyone to deliver outstanding business results.

What is Metaverse Technology?

The metaverse includes the virtual reality distinguished by constant virtual worlds that will exist for people to work, interact and play with new people and the combination of some digital and physical worlds features. A variety of the online worlds will require 3D immersion for the best experience with the aid of good-looking glasses, while a screen is enough for the rest. Newer companies are recently joining the metaverse space and envision the rise of a digital economy where trading of goods can be done.

How Does The Metaverse Work?

In the metaverse, everyone will have a unique avatar like the trending James Cameron Avatar. The online spaces will always be available and don't disappear after use. Augmented reality (AR) is one of the ways individuals will experience the metaverse with mighty experiences already invented. The unification of the real and augmented world. AR has brought about a captivating storytelling medium that encourages high engagement, is multi-sensory and enables 3D interaction with the outside world without the need for new hardware. In 2022, the number of AR users worldwide is estimated at 1.1 billion, with 90% of smartphones being AR-enabled. Large tech companies have tonnes of employees working on their VR, with record-breaking users adopting it daily.

For the metaverse to rise in popularity and be accessible to everyone, social media AR experiences will have to work across multiple platforms. When a brand builds magnificent experiences in a single platform, it should be able to use it in applications or where the need may arise. With WebAR SaaS tools, organizations can do publishing only once and share their experiences throughout.

Future of Metaverse

With the incorporation of web3 technology that is enabled by blockchain into the metaverse, it is very similar to the real world and might replace some activities in the real world. Already, Non Fungible Tokens(NFTs) vendors can use their NFTs in metaverse games and more companies are on the road to exploring this new domain. NFT fans are also discussing opportunities for investing in virtual lands and trading them for money. One of the main advantages of metaverse is that it is also bound to work independently without control from a specific company.

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