How Big Data Realizes 4 Major Changes in the Chemical Industry

There are two paths for innovation in any industry: one is model innovation, and the other is technological innovation. Model innovation is a horizontal expansion, and it is necessary to continuously replicate the success of business models, making it easier for giants to play their role; technological innovation is vertical development, which requires continuous upgrading of cognitive paradigms, which makes it easier for companies with the technological potential to develop greater potential. Alibaba Cloud has entered the chemical industry through its technological innovation capabilities, and deeply explored the innovation points of the combination of business and technology.
The trend of large-scale and refined products in the chemical industry is becoming more and more obvious. There are more and more factors affecting the change, and the demand for energy-saving and environmental protection management is more urgent. The entire supply chain from raw materials, final products to customers is more closely integrated. The production and operation of the company is gradually transformed to centralized management, from the scale of production to cost-effectiveness, and the management of various economic indicators is more rigorous. Chemical enterprises need to achieve the purpose of centralized management of budget control, capital, cost, production, logistics and other management and control through the informatization of management means. At the same time, an effective, forward-looking and inclusive enterprise informatization architecture is required, and the application of various majors of the enterprise as well as external customers, supply chain, and e-commerce is gradually deepened.

Big data realizes four major changes in the chemical industry

First of all, in view of the prominent structural contradictions in the chemical industry, using big data to analyze and judge open data can help the industry to predict structural trends, adjust the development and production direction of the industry in a timely manner, and further promote the industry to move towards informatization. integration, and complete the transformation of the industry.
Secondly, big data itself is the embodiment of creativity. The use of big data can fully tap new chemical industry business models, establish industry ecological industrial chain parks, improve industrial layout, and stimulate productivity. For enterprises, big data technology can provide data support for the chemical industry to realize enterprise decision-making and intelligent production management from multiple directions such as data in-depth correlation, visual query, and data reporting. In addition, through the integration of data outside the industry, the cross-border development of the chemical industry can be realized, such as the combination with agriculture, e-commerce, etc., to achieve industry innovation and development.
Third, in terms of safety and environmental protection, big data can extract valuable data from massive data, provide effective analysis tools for early warning and prediction of accidents, analyze and compare multiple parameters in the production process, and timely and accurately discover hidden dangers of accidents. Improve investigation and governance capabilities. In terms of environmental protection and energy conservation, big data can support the optimization of device production, improve the online rate of the device, adjust the power consumption and fuel consumption of the industry, realize energy saving and open source, and improve production efficiency.
Finally, in the aspect of government supervision that is more concerned, big data can mine the seasonality, periodicity, correlation and other laws of accidents, find out the root cause of the accident, formulate supervision and prevention plans, improve the ability to control the source, and reduce the possibility of safety production accidents.
Through big data, not only can the government's regulatory service level for the chemical industry be comprehensively improved, but also the level of industry informatization can be improved, the industrial ecological structure can be transformed, and the industrial potential can be tapped. All in all, the application of big data has become the trend of the entire chemical industry.

Relying on Alibaba Cloud's powerful cloud computing, Internet of Things, and big data technologies, a chemical big data platform is established to mine the data value of production equipment and operation data of enterprises, helping enterprises optimize processes, reduce labor costs, and improve production safety.

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