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What Is Ultra-wideband Used for

Ultra Wide Band (UWB, Ultra Wide Band) technology is a new type of wireless communication technology. It enables the signal to have a bandwidth on the order of GHz by directly modulating pulses with the very steep rise and fall times.

What is a domain name? Where can I buy a domain name?

This article introduces some basic concepts involved in domain name products and where to buy domain names, including an overview of domain names, domain name structure, and other concepts so that you can better understand domain name products.

9 Free Tag Cloud Generators

A tag cloud is a set of related tags and their corresponding weights. This article introduces the classification of tag clouds and 9 free tag cloud generators.

What Is CloudOps

CloudOps is an extension of traditional IT operation and maintenance and DevOps. CloudOps is not equal to pure Cloud + DevOps or DevOps on Cloud, but requires the organic combination of DevOps and cloud to gain greater value.

Advantages of CloudOps and Features of O&M on the Cloud

DevOps brings great convenience to application software development. Because cloud services have the characteristics of "software-defined everything" and elasticity and agility, they are very consistent with the concept of DevOps, and the advantages brought by the two are very similar.

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