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Introduction: Author: Minyuan, Alibaba, TEDx sharing guest
Author: Minyuan, Alibaba, TEDx sharing guest

【 Job search sharing 】 Why writing a resume is so important

I started a business after graduating, and I didn't participate in school recruitment, so I haven't written a resume seriously. Later, I planned to officially enter the workplace. After I called the headhunter, I wrote the first job resume. The other party didn't say anything and replied with an ellipsis.

The time spent on each resume is only 10 seconds on average

Only later did I realize that writing a resume is a lot of stress. Then I found some resume templates on the Internet, and made a decent resume according to the gourd painting. As a result, the headhunter replied to me with four words: no bright spots . Later, I was seriously educated by a headhunter, and I spent a lot of time asking my seniors for advice, and revising my resume again and again, before I stumbled into the workplace.

When I became a business manager and the business was expanding rapidly, I received a bunch of resumes from HR every day, asking me to see if I should interview, and then I realized how important resumes are. Behind the resume is a math problem. Every word and even every punctuation on the resume affects the probability that HR and the interviewer are willing to interview you. Just like a social software, quickly determine whether to swipe left or right. I once heard a statistic that many HRs browse hundreds of resumes every day, and the average time spent on each resume is only 10 seconds.

A good resume lies in the final conversion effect

So, what makes a good resume? It's not about the form and template, it's about the final conversion effect. How many interviewers want to see you after reading the resume. The reason for seeing you may be because of your professionalism from your resume , or it may just be that you have aroused his curiosity .

A few years ago, I interviewed for another business in Ali. When I received the call from the interviewer, her first sentence was: "I'm not sure if you are suitable for our position. talk to you."

【 Job search sharing 】The easiest pit to write a resume

The easiest way to write a resume is to always want to present all your excellent points.

I remember one time, I helped a friend to work internally. After reading his resume, HR said to me: "This resume gives me the impression that he is an excellent young man with a blurred face." Indeed, the resume is full of various internship experiences, project experience and awards, but There is a lack of accumulation and connection between each experience.

What needs to be highlighted is not excellence, but target matching

From childhood to adulthood, the education we have received encourages us to develop in an all-round way in "morality, intelligence, physique, beauty, and labor", and to show our excellence as much as possible. But in fact, looking for a job is not the selection of "three good students". What needs to be outstanding is not excellence, but the match with the target position.

In the process of applying for a job, it is very important to grasp the psychology of the interviewer. When the interviewer looks at the resume and interviews, the core is to think about two questions:

1 ) How soon will you need to start this job?

2) How much value can you create in this position?

Resume + Interview + Written Exam

For these two core issues, we usually examine from four aspects: past experience, knowledge structure, ability combination, and willingness to join.

In the resume link, since all information can only be transmitted to the interviewer one-way through the computer screen, the interviewer focuses on " past experience ".

In the written test, it is very similar to the application questions we do in school. It requires you to have enough professional knowledge to come up with a solution for a certain problem, so the focus is on the " knowledge structure ".

In the interview process, especially the offline interview, you can get to know each other in depth through close interaction. At this time, the focus is on " combination of abilities " and " willingness to join ".

My own exclusive secret to writing a resume

I will have a "general resume" myself , which records all my work experience. According to the position and company I want to submit, I will select the appropriate content from the pool of "general resume" to form a "customized resume". Even for the same position, the resumes he submits to different companies are different.

3 principles for writing a resume

When writing your resume, I share 3 principles with you:

1) Select the entry point and emphasize matching;

For example, I have experience as a new media editor. If I invest in a state-owned enterprise , I will emphasize my "writing experience", because state-owned enterprises often need to write materials, and they will attach great importance to the writing ability of employees. If the investment is for an operation position of an Internet company , I will emphasize my "user thinking" and "content output ability" according to the nature of the positions such as user operation and content operation.

2) Presenting challenges and emphasizing difficulty;

The interviewer will be very concerned about how long it will take you to get the job. One of the very important reference indicators is the degree of difficulty of your previous work. In general, interviewers will believe that the more difficult the task you have done before, the more quickly you can adapt to the new position . This is especially important when dealing with positions with a high number of competitors . Because in many similar resumes, the interviewer will make a side-by-side comparison.

3) Prove the degree of completion, emphasizing factual effects.

I found that many people did not describe the results and effects of task completion when describing their work experience. Some people will even write directly on their resume: "Faced with challenges, I withstood the pressure and completed the task with excellent results."

When presenting the effect, be sure to grasp a principle: use facts to demonstrate, not to describe with adjectives . Adjective descriptions such as "excellent results" are not convincing. You need to specify what results you have achieved, and use data as much as possible to present the results. For example, if you want to prove that the activity you organize has a great influence, you can present it through dimensions such as the number of participants, the number of media reports, and the influence of the media reported. If you want to prove that you are generating huge profits for the company, then you can show the revenue growth rate and cost reduction rate from the campaign. You can think about it carefully, what dimensions can you evaluate the effect of your work, and whether you can find data support for each dimension .

If you want to do better, you can further present the work effect through the comparison of data. For example, comparing the "invested resources": is the cost lower than in the past? Like, you spend less time and budget. Secondly, you can compare the "revenue obtained": whether the indicators directly related to the revenue have been improved, such as brand exposure, sales growth, etc.

I hope that all the outstanding juniors and seniors can pass this article, take some detours on the road to job hunting , and gain their favorite offers!

The original intention of the activity
Alibaba advocates "3 hours for everyone's public welfare", in order to stimulate the kindness in everyone's heart, and release the kindness through personal professionalism. We have formed a non-governmental public welfare organization called Burning Bar Youth Happiness Group. We hope to find more "seniors and seniors" with such kindness and ability. Based on their respective industry accumulation, professional practice and life experience, they will focus on job hunting and College students and personal developers for personal growth, provide information and help within their ability. At the same time, I have always felt that such sharing and dialogue are equal and mutually beneficial. It is also a kind of beauty and happiness that we can have the opportunity to collide with young souls and see more outstanding people struggling to move forward.
——Wang Kexin, Alibaba, activity volunteer

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