Java Development Environment Configuration / Vscode Build

Java development environment construction and VScode tool configuration under Windows Introduction:

Java development environment .Introduction to JDK

Java development environment ..JDK, the full name of Java Development Kit, is the core of the entire Java, including the Java runtime environment, Java tools and Java basic class library. In JDK, it mainly includes Java compiler, Java virtual machine, Java document generator, Java debugger, etc., including the following common components:
1.javac : the compiler, which converts the source program into bytecode;
2.jar: A packaging tool that packages related class files into one file;
3.javadoc : Documentation generator that extracts documentation from source code comments;
4.jdb : debugger, check errors, debugging tools;
5.Java development environment run the compiled java program (file suffix .class);
6.Java development environment ..appletviewer : applet browser for executing Java applets on HTML files;
7.Javah : Generate a C program that can call a Java procedure, or create a header file for a C procedure that can be called by a Java program;
8.Javap : Java decompiler, showing accessible functions and data in compiled class files, and showing bytecode meaning;
9.Java development environment ..Jconsole : Java tool for system debugging and monitoring;

Java development environment configuration

Java development environment ..Before configuring the environment, first use the cmd command to check whether the machine has been configured with the Java environment. The test command is (java / javac / java -version [there is a space between java and -])
If the above information appears, it means that the configuration has been completed, and there is no need to repeat the operation! ! ! Otherwise, do the following
Install JDK on the computer, download the address , and slide down to display the interface after entering.
Java development environment ..Select the version suitable for you to download, here is the Windows X64 Installer download. Downloading on Oracle 's official website involves account registration. You can also visit here to quickly download and extract the code: After peng
Java development environment ..Right-click this computer -> Properties -> Advanced System Settings -> Environment Variables, enter the following interface
1. Paste the path where the JDK is installed on the computer above (the path can be changed, and the follow-up operations are completed according to the original path here):
Click "New", and enter the following content as shown in the figure (enter the JDK installation path of your computer in the second line)
Add the instructions in the Path variable
create variable
Click " New" on the right to add these two instructions
All the way to be determined, and finally enter the cmd window as well, enter the java -version, java, javac commands respectively, and the following information is displayed, which means the configuration is successful.

Java development environment.Configure the Java development environment in Vscode

Vscode is a lightweight source code editor that is well-received for its numerous plugin support. Next, we configure the Java development environment in Vscode

Vscode extension to install it. Java Extension Pack is an extension package that contains some necessary plug-ins for Java development. Generally, basic installation is enough to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+P to open the command panel. Enter Configure Java Runtime

Java development environment ..You can see the version of your JDK installed at ② . If you installed Vscode first, you can also click ③ to download the JDK on the pop-up website. According to the above configuration, you can use the shortcut key Ctrl+, enter settings and click Edit in settings. json

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