Alibaba Cloud Cloud Native Integrated Data Warehouse Officially Released to Help Enterprises Drive Business Innovation with Data

Introduction: Cloud-native integrated data warehouse is a one-stop big data processing platform that integrates the capabilities of Alibaba Cloud's big data products, MaxCompute , DataWorks , and Hologres . The core is three integrated and full-link data governance capabilities, including offline real-time integration, lake and warehouse integration, analysis service integration, and full-link data governance.
On February 16, Alibaba Cloud 's cloud-native integrated data warehouse was officially released, allowing enterprises to drive business innovation and transformation through a one-stop big data analysis platform.

【Cloud Native Integrated Data Warehouse】

Combined with Alibaba Cloud's big data star products MaxCompute , Hologres , and DataWorks , the integrated data warehouse can solve the problems of timeliness, accuracy, cost performance, unstructured data support analysis and decision-making, and heterogeneous big data platforms in the construction of big data platforms. requirements for global data analysis. Through the deep integration of MaxCompute and Hologres , it provides rich and flexible offline and real-time integration capabilities. Through more open support for data lakes and integrated capabilities of lakes and warehouses for diversified and unified management of data analysis, a single data foundation can continuously Pursue the combination of real-time and online capabilities of log data warehouses, and finally help enterprises to feel more intuitively through the top-down and bottom-up bidirectional modeling capabilities of DataWorks , as well as the new capabilities of data governance and enterprise data evaluation models. to its own data maturity. The open DataWorks plug-in system also allows customers and industry ISVs to build more scene-based data analysis capabilities around their own data, thereby truly helping to upgrade their business intelligently.

Gao Xuefeng, general manager of Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform Products and Solutions, said that the core of cloud-native integrated data warehouses is three integrated and full-link data governance capabilities, including offline real-time integration, lake-warehouse integration, analysis service integration, and full-link integration. Data governance meets the ever-increasing expectations of enterprises for the capabilities of big data platforms.

【Cloud Native Integrated Data Warehouse】

The offline and real-time integrated massive cloud data warehouse architecture with MaxCompute and Hologres as the core solves the needs of N scenarios with one architecture. MaxCompute is good at EB-level massive data warehouse scenarios, and Hologres is good at high-concurrency and low-latency scenarios. The two engines complement each other in terms of scenarios and technologies, and complement each other to meet the requirements of various scenarios such as online applications, large data screens, operational dashboards, and ad hoc queries. .

After Alibaba Cloud first proposed a new architecture for the integration of lakes and warehouses at the 2020 Yunqi Conference, Alibaba Cloud's integration of lakes and warehouses continues to be upgraded and optimized. The integration of lake and warehouse aims to integrate the two different data management architectures of data lake and data warehouse, so that enterprises can take into account the flexibility of data lake and the enterprise growth of data warehouse when building a big data platform.

The integration of analysis services is an effective idea to simplify the data structure through technological innovation, realize a single data, support flexible analysis for operations, support online services for applications, and achieve a unified data service export.

【Cloud Native Integrated Data Warehouse】

Data governance has become the focus of enterprises' digital transformation process, and it is also a challenge faced by enterprises. How to transform the staged and active data governance process into active and sustainable data governance and make data truly an enterprise asset? Alibaba Cloud DataWorks will combine Alibaba's own practice to provide customers with full-link data governance product solutions. plan.

According to IDC's 2021 report, the global big data software market size is expected to reach 541.42 billion yuan in 2021, an increase of 12.5% compared with 481.36 billion yuan in 2020; China's big data platform software market size is expected to reach 12.58 billion yuan in 2021. Yuan Renminbi. Compared with 2020, it increased by 36.5%. The average compound growth rate is expected to exceed 30% in the next three years. Alibaba Cloud will be No. 1 in China's big data public cloud service market in the first half of 2021. The integrated data warehouse released by Alibaba Cloud this time will strengthen its leadership in this field.

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