Alibaba Cloud announced to recruit 5,000 more people! Invest 200 billion yuan in the next 3 years to promote new digital infrastructure

Ali will invest 200 billion yuan in technology in the next three years and will recruit 5,000 engineers

Due to the epidemic, the digitalization process that originally took 3 to 5 years will be accelerated within the next year.

Zhang Jianfeng mentioned that Alibaba Cloud's goal is to build a deep foundation, build a strong platform, and expand and strengthen the ecosystem.

The so-called foundation is to deepen the base of the cloud. Feitian is the only self-developed cloud operating system in China. Last year, it also launched a new AI chip. This year, Alibaba will continue to increase its self-research efforts in the fields of chips, servers, and switches. "We hope that in software development, a cloud-based structure and a new operating system will help all walks of life develop applications." Zhang Jianfeng said.

Zhang Jianfeng made an analogy, "I think the architecture of the computer has changed, and the operating system on it has also changed, so like Alibaba Cloud + DingTalk, it is equivalent to PC + Windows in the previous information age."

On April 20, Zhang Jianfeng proposed that 200 billion yuan will be spent on new technology and new infrastructure in the next three years to help the whole society do digital upgrading and transformation.

When asked about the specific investment direction, Zhang Jianfeng said that the investment actually looks huge, but it is not huge for a new infrastructure in the economy. We now manage more than 1 million servers in the entire Alibaba Cloud. After a year, there will be more than 3 million servers, and the investment of 3 million servers in itself is a very huge investment.

In terms of talents, Zhang Jianfeng said that Ali will recruit more than 5,000 engineers this year. Large-scale introduction of top scientific and technological talents, focusing on attracting key technical talents in core technology fields such as servers, networks, chips, databases, and artificial intelligence.

Students, come on!

Talking about the scale of investment in the whole society's new infrastructure in the next 3 to 5 years, Zhang Jianfeng said, "This investment may be very large. Alibaba is more focused on cloud computing infrastructure, and there is still 5G in society, and the industrial Internet may be the bulk. The investment of several trillions of society must be done, because without this investment, there will be no new type of infrastructure, nor can we talk about the digital economy.”

"We also read the report issued in 2019. In 2018, China's GDP related to the digital economy has accounted for 34 trillion, accounting for one-third of China's entire GDP. I think this proportion will be further increased."

In the subsequent keynote speech, Chen Lijuan, vice president of Alibaba and head of Alibaba's artificial intelligence laboratory, also introduced three major basic products:

1 ECS seventh-generation high-frequency instances, equipped with the latest generation of Intel Cooper Lake Xeon processors, provide world-leading computing power and cost-effectiveness, and achieve industry-leading performance in overall performance, network storage and forwarding capabilities, latency, and stability. lead.

2 The Hanguang 800 cloud server already has the capability of large-scale commercialization, fully supports a variety of mainstream open source deep learning frameworks, and has excellent performance in inference delay and accuracy. In terms of application scenarios, it can cover ten main reasoning scenarios such as content review text recognition and natural language understanding.

3 The Dragon + Container Cloud-native bare metal solution fully utilizes the powerful performance of bare metal servers.

She also mentioned that Alibaba Cloud can also provide hybrid cloud solutions, and also released a new agile version of proprietary cloud, which is refactored based on native technology, supports heterogeneous deployment, and has excellent lightweight capabilities.

The agile version of the proprietary cloud launched this time can be deployed based on platforms such as VMware. A minimum of 3 servers can be used to complete the basic deployment in a few hours, and the cost can be reduced by more than 20% in complex scenarios.

Hua Xiansheng: The visual intelligence open platform is released, providing powerful AI capabilities for developers

Alibaba has deep accumulation in AI, of which visual intelligence is the most striking part.

Hua Xiansheng said, "We have in-depth algorithm innovation, extreme algorithm acceleration and large-scale practice in the industry in urban visual intelligent computing, medical image analysis, visual intelligent generation technology, and industrial visual diagnosis technology."

For example, the visual intelligence generation technology can generate 8,000 high-quality design drawings per second at the level of an undergraduate graduate designer, and can also turn a static product page into a more attractive dynamic video within a few seconds. .

Most of these AI capabilities are used within the Alibaba economy and in large-scale scenarios like the city brain on Alibaba Cloud. Now Alibaba will gradually push these capabilities to the public cloud to provide powerful AI capabilities for developers, which is the intelligent open platform released today.

"In the first phase, we will launch visual AI capabilities in 13 categories with more than 100 items, and we will continue to update and iterate to add more capabilities. These capabilities are based on years of technical accumulation and practice in Alibaba Cloud Damo Academy and Alibaba economy. , has the following four characteristics.”

First, the professional, visual intelligence open platform is produced by the Alibaba Economic World Technology Committee and developed by scientists and engineers of the DAMO Academy, many of which have won first place in international and domestic competitions.

Second, comprehensive, the platform is based on the all-round visual capabilities of Alibaba's economy, bringing together diverse capabilities and providing one-stop visual AI technology options.

Third, practical. These capabilities are based on the massive and diverse actual combat scenarios of Alibaba's economy. They are extracted from a large number of AI cases and have practical value. Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure provides the guarantee of service quality and stability.

Fourth, it is easy to use, with a standard editing interface, which can be easily and quickly accessed and used, saving worry, effort, and benefiting the public.

"So the Alibaba Cloud Summit Visual Intelligence Open Platform is not a simple combination, but an organic convergence of a large number of visual AI capabilities that have been carefully selected, practiced, and strictly tuned, and have clear application and commercial value."

Jia Yangqing: Data warehouses and data lakes solve the problem of data silos Alibaba Cloud Summit

Due to the epidemic, Jia Yangqing, the head of big data and AI products of Alibaba Cloud Computing Platform Division, attended the Alibaba Cloud Summit at his home in the United States. This time, he released a new generation of native data warehouse and data lake. In the future, every enterprise will build data warehouses and data lakes on the cloud.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Hologres released a new generation of cloud-native data warehouses to stimulate data momentum. Alibaba Cloud Interactive Analysis (Hologres) is a real-time interactive analysis product compatible with the PostgreSQL protocol.

Alibaba Cloud Summit has launched a new generation of cloud-native data warehouse. Based on an innovative technical architecture, it supports PB-level data correlation analysis and real-time query, and realizes offline, real-time, analysis, and service integration. At the same time, Alibaba Cloud announced the launch of a cloud-native data lake solution, which can realize a variety of computing in one storage and stimulate the digital intelligence of enterprises.

"In the process of business upgrading, most enterprises today often adopt a method of crossing the river by feeling the stones. When encountering different data analysis and service needs, they look for a single point system to solve it. The actual single-point problem, then this process will encounter the last problem. Behind the seemingly complete system, there are islands of data. The connection of data between these islands and the real-time transmission of data are all changed. became a very big problem Alibaba Cloud Summit.”

There is a huge demand for data on Double Eleven. It has a lot of data flow and very complex business decisions.

In 2019, Alibaba Cloud Summit upgraded the knowledge business system through a data warehouse such as Hologres and Maxcompute.

On Double Eleven, the system supported a total of 145 million online queries, which supported very complex business analysis and decision-making processes online. Behind these analyses is a large-scale data volume with 130 million real-time records written Alibaba Cloud Summit.

After the top-level design is correct, performance is not a problem. Based on MaxCompute's real-time computing and interactive analysis, such a complete system can solve the problem of data islands.

From digital government, future communities to industrial manufacturing
At present, Alibaba Cloud has been applied in many fields such as digital government, operators, future communities, new finance, smart transportation, and industrial manufacturing.

Alibaba Cloud Summit digitizes urban resources and has digital capabilities for city perception, computing, and connectivity. Compared with the city brain 1.0 era focused on transportation, the 2.0 era achieves cross-domain and cross-department. The 3.0 era city brain officially released this time has more multi-dimensional and diverse urban data, and intelligent comprehensive intervention.

Others include a platform for doing things on the "Code", which realizes the scientific and efficient medical system; CPIC "DingTalk", which puts the information of more than 800,000 personnel on the cloud, and realizes local exclusive storage of internal files to promote the digital transformation of the government. Alibaba Cloud also jointly released the "Tiangong Cloud" project with China Unicom.

In the future community field, Alibaba Cloud can realize the refined management of the community, and has the characteristics of humanism, ecology and digitization. Alibaba Cloud will land in 24 future communities, integrate 15-minute business circles, and improve residents' life satisfaction.

In the field of industrial manufacturing, Alibaba Cloud's "Digital New Infrastructure" provides upgrade services for small and medium-sized enterprises such as home appliances and consumer electronics, digitizes traditional products, and improves e-commerce, finance, and logistics capabilities. In the future, the digital transformation of 100 regional industry Internet platforms and 10,000 factories will be completed.

Alibaba Cloud Summit Research Cloud has released the "Spring Thunder Plan", an educational solution for primary and secondary schools, for the digital transformation of K12. Domestic primary and secondary school students have just spent the longest holiday in history, but classes are suspended and learning is not stopped. During this period, the industry penetration rate of online education has increased by nearly 10 times. Dingding plays an active role in it, serving 140,000 schools, 3 million classes, and 130 million students.

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