Deciphering the driving force, joint force and tension of Alibaba Cloud's regrowth

After this epidemic, digitalization has accelerated

He Gang: The spread of the new crown epidemic has brought a particularly significant impact on the economy and society. What aspects are these impacts reflected in Alibaba Cloud Summit?

Zhang Jianfeng: Originally, our event was supposed to be held offline, but today we used a relatively special method, also because of the impact of the epidemic. We are all witnesses, but we may not have thought that the epidemic will have such a big impact on us before. Since February, China's economic focus has basically shifted to fighting the epidemic. Many people are working hard, medical workers are fighting the epidemic on the front line, and technology workers are digitally fighting the epidemic in the background. After March and April, the focus of digital anti-epidemic has shifted from the previous "anti-epidemic" to "restarting" the economy. So far, I think digitalization has become an important driving force for China's economy, including the government, enterprises, schools, and even the general public, who have truly felt the changes brought about by digitalization. Online work and life, including e-commerce. Wait, the contactless economy is booming, which is a huge change during the pandemic Alibaba Cloud Summit.

He Gang: Does it mean the beginning of a new reconstruction for the development of enterprises, society and economy Alibaba Cloud Summit?

Zhang Jianfeng: The epidemic is not an isolated thing in this era. We are already in the stage of digital transformation today. The epidemic has played a very strong role in promoting digitalization. The digital transformation may become stronger because of the epidemic Alibaba Cloud Summit.

I have often wondered before, how does autumn change to winter? Did the temperature drop from day to day, or was it a sudden change? Later, I found out that most of the time, cold air hits overnight, and a strong wind and cold rain will instantly change from autumn to winter, and the season transition is complete Alibaba Cloud Summit.

The impact of the epidemic on the digital transformation process has this flavor. Due to the epidemic, government enterprises have recognized the urgency and importance of digitalization, and ordinary people have also enjoyed many benefits brought by digital transformation, including working from home, e-commerce, etc. These needs have been accelerated by the epidemic. Because of the epidemic, many things that originally took three to five years of development may be converted within a year Alibaba Cloud Summit.

He Gang: Alibaba Cloud is an important promoter and participant in China's digitalization process, as well as the builder of the underlying technology. Globally, what stage is China's digital economy in? What are the important characteristics that make it different from other countries?

Zhang Jianfeng: Alibaba itself is a witness and promoter of the digital economy. The development of Alibaba in the past two decades has basically accompanied the development of the digital economy to today. As far as China is concerned, I think China's digitalization is at the forefront of the world. We are ahead in consumption, industry, government governance, and even agriculture, and I think we are more complete than most countries.

Since 1999, the United States first proposed that the government should be electronic, and it has not gone deeper than the digitalization we have done in the past three years. Whether it is the government, governance or industry, most people have benefited from digitization, so I think the whole society should do digitalization today, or whether the digital economy is the future, this has reached a high level consensus Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Today, our focus is on the way to quickly realize digitalization. Whether this industry can reconstruct its own technical system or business system according to digitalization, this is the most critical thing at present.

He Gang: You mentioned two words, one is that there are no dead ends in all aspects, including agriculture, industry, and service industries, including the government, individuals, and social organizations; the other is full speed, who can achieve digitalization more quickly, and who is likely to gain more in the future. a possibility. Specifically, what is the difference between full-scale cloud migration and full-speed reconstruction Alibaba Cloud Summit?

Zhang Jianfeng: Going to the cloud is a technical stage. The original infrastructure has changed from non-cloud to cloud; comprehensive reconstruction is a stronger deepening. To reconstruct, you need to pay attention to a wider area, including the idea of ​​upgrading, the organization must be upgraded, The business model and operating model need to be upgraded, and cloud migration focuses more on technology upgrades.

To upgrade, the original traditional informatization means should be turned into digital means, which is a process of reshaping the thinking of managers and operators. The same is true of my communication with our clients. We do a lot of digital projects, and we help clients build a team by delivering a project. Because it is not simply purchasing products in the information age and helping you deliver them; because to use this product well, you need a new concept, you need to rebuild the product, rebuild the organization, rebuild the business, this The present and the future are probably the most important, so we call it full refactoring.

He Gang: Due to the epidemic, some people mentioned several industries and found that they are very prosperous. I don’t know whether these industries will take the lead in realizing comprehensive reconstruction, such as public health, education, transportation, and others that have been discussed a lot. Industrial Internet field.

Zhang Jianfeng: In the field of public health, the influencing factors of the epidemic are particularly obvious, because the computer systems deal with similar problems. First, collect data; second, do some analysis; third, make some conclusions based on the analysis results. In all aspects of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic, I believe that digitalization can bring great value. For example, the government makes outbound reminders and notifications for people who are in close contact with people. It used to be a traditional manual call, and each outbound caller had a limit of 200 calls a day; now we use the AI ​​method to make 3,500 calls a minute. If the other party has a question, use AI to answer the question for you. This is such a new type of digital system that has never appeared before Alibaba Cloud Summit.

In terms of education, because everyone could not return to school before, we know that the university has promoted multimedia education for many years, and the penetration rate and acceptance rate are not so high. During the epidemic, we cooperated with Zhejiang University, and it took only 7 days to transform more than 200 In a single classroom, tens of thousands of teachers and students achieved it overnight through distance education. There were more than one million visits that day, and I heard that the most popular class was watched by 100,000 people. Really overnight, what was done in previous years is now done in a week, and there are so many examples. The epidemic has catalyzed demand, but this matter, I think it will inevitably happen without the epidemic.

He Gang: Can it be understood that the outbreak of the epidemic is indeed a bad thing, but it also provides some new opportunities for reconstruction. In the past, SARS gave birth to the e-commerce business format. Will the new crown also give birth to the digital economy business format this time Alibaba Cloud Summit?

Zhang Jianfeng: During SARS, we were doing B2B trade, and all companies could not go out to sell their products or talk about business, so they moved to the Internet, and it has developed to this day. Efficiency is also connected with a large number of industries that were previously not related to the retail industry, and a new industry was born, which played a great role. I feel like after the new crown, online education, working from home, remote video conferencing, its series of impacts are far-reaching. This time is just at the moment of digital transformation, and I think the impact of SARS is more profound than that time.

Cloud Nail Integration: PC+Windows in the Digital Economy Era
He Gang: What does full-speed reconstruction refer to, and the middle part is similar to the operating system back then?

Zhang Jianfeng: Many people ask what cloud is? There are many understandings of cloud. It has a broad understanding and a narrow understanding. The narrow understanding is that the original server is replaced by a new model. The cloud we talk about in China today has a much broader meaning. Today's cloud includes both cloud base, middle platform, and above services.

At least from our point of view, the cloud is a new type of computing architecture, which has been fully upgraded to the form of the cloud from the original PC era, including the original mainframe and minicomputer eras. Of course, the characteristics of the cloud are distributed, distributed or the technology of the Internet era. On the basis of Internet distribution, the cloud emphasizes more flexibility, more emphasis on large-scale scheduling, reuse, and more emphasis on security, which are very important characteristics of the cloud itself. If you want to do a good job of cloud, you need a complete set of cloud system, we call the operating system of Feitianyun to manage this thing. This is also the only self-developed product in China.

In the past two years, Ali was talking about becoming a Chinese platform, and many people outside were talking about the concept of a Chinese platform. Although they don't understand it, they always feel that this is a good thing, so now every company is talking about the middle stage and building its own middle stage.

In my understanding, Zhongtai is a new type of operating system, because it is relatively simple for us to build an information system. Once we understand the business process clearly, the programmer can turn the business process into an information system. Today is facing a very big change, because today's information system is not a simple business flow problem, but also data flow, but also mobile, and artificial intelligence methods are used to mine big data, etc. These are all in the past. Information system has never encountered.

This requires a new operating system. We used to call it Zhongtai. In fact, it is beyond the original processing system represented by windows, and it does simple information development on it. From the informatization to the digital age, it needs a new operating system. It becomes more convenient for everyone to develop their own applications for big data, intelligence, IoT, and mobility.

Different industries have different characteristics, some are retail, some are industrial, and they can continue to build their own systems on top of the middle platform. Therefore, Zhongtai is actually a new operating system in the cloud era, big data era, intelligent era, and mobile era.

He Gang: I understand that one is the data center, which is based on data; the second is based on different industries, called the business center. It may be that for Alibaba, it is easier for everyone to use your computing power and cloud processing capabilities to realize the data center, while the business center may have a certain combination with the industry Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Zhang Jianfeng: Whether it is Alibaba, the government, or many units, because the data of the whole society is now very rich, the aggregation of data has become easier. Because there are new technical means and better tools like artificial intelligence for analyzing data, the current macro-prediction can be derived directly through algorithms based on micro-analysis.

Unlike in the past, whether the government or enterprises, need to be aggregated layer by layer. Today's big data trend is based on a large amount of micro-data fusion for analysis, so there is an urgent need for a new set of tools, which are data-based, artificial intelligence-based, and mobile-based. We think this is a new type of tool. The middle platform, the new operating system.

He Gang: It's kind of like you're doing what Intel and Microsoft did in the PC era, right?

Zhang Jianfeng: Yes, I think the architecture of the computer has changed, and the operating system on it has also changed, so Alibaba Cloud + DingTalk is equivalent to PC + Windows in the previous information age, similar to such a concept.

We are equivalent to making socialized public resources. We have always believed that cloud is a public service similar to water, electricity and coal. I think this vision is becoming more and more reality. Computing resources are all public services, and then provide a new type of service. An operating system that makes innovation easier to happen.

There are many industries that have changed a lot this year. such as the financial industry. Starting this year, the financial industry is actively embracing the new computer architecture, because it is a complete set of new architectures from the original PC era, the minicomputer era to the cloud era. This architecture is not only a technological change, it also A whole set of reconstruction of the ecological environment, because its development method and concept are a new change.

Changes will first occur in those industries that have done better in the original informatization, such as the financial industry and the government. Their transformation speed is very fast. Because many small and medium-sized enterprises have higher requirements for generalization and do not need to engage in extensive customization, social public services can basically meet their needs.

Alibaba Cloud now has 3 million customers, most of which are small and medium-sized enterprises. For those small and medium-sized enterprises, this is equivalent to a new type of Taobao. You originally want to do retail, you want to open a store offline, you have to buy goods to sell, and you have to do all the things you are not good at, such as the nature of opening a store and renting a house. It has nothing to do with retail. Now small and medium-sized enterprises are in the cloud era, it is equivalent to a public service platform, like Taobao.

He Gang: Taobao opens a store, and Taobao does many things. He just needs to sell things himself, deliver and collect money.

Zhang Jianfeng: I think all industries will go hand in hand in the future, because it has real benefits and it is also a new innovation platform.

He Gang: When you mentioned the application during the epidemic, you mentioned the application and education during the remote period. You must mention DingTalk. I used DingTalk not so much before, but during the epidemic, approval, reimbursement, and meetings all kinds of things seem to be far away. I couldn’t work the day I got DingTalk. Can you share with me what the phenomenal application of DingTalk during the epidemic meant for DingTalk?

Zhang Jianfeng: I think many people understand DingTalk as a communication tool. DingTalk is far beyond communication itself. I understand it to be an important part of the operating system I just talked about. It mainly solves several problems. It is very good Solve the problem of mobility. Today, including the government and enterprises, all its service objects and participating objects have changed. Basically, everyone has a smartphone. You say that the government wants to serve a common person. The common people are mobile, and you can 7 ×24-hour access to government services through mobile phones, it depends on whether the government provides such services, and in what way to provide such services.

He Gang: For example, when you go to a government department to do business, you have to apply for notarization, but you have to go during work hours. Now if you have a mobile phone, you have a government affairs Dingding.

Zhang Jianfeng: A few years ago, if you wanted to find a department to do things, you needed to find a specific office to do it. Later, when you set up an office in Hangzhou and other places, you just had to go to the office. , Change each window in the original service hall to do specific things, and change each window to do anything. Here, the background system needs to be transformed, because it has the ability to handle all things.

Then there is the mobilization, which can be done on the mobile phone. Mobile phone office brings a new problem, you have to do it 24/7, because the mobile phone does not need to be off work.

The whole process has developed step by step to today, and it is inseparable from the transformation of the entire system and the reengineering of the entire government affairs process. Digitalization has played a great role in this. Dingding plays a very important role in this. It is mobile, and it is a new type. It has an address book and various electronic flow approvals. It provides a very good solution for them to do mobile development. application. There are more than 1,000 applications developed on the platform of DingTalk in Zhejiang Province. This is a typical feature of the operating system. The operating system means that I do some things myself, and everyone can do more things on it. DingTalk is a new type of operating system and an important part of our operating system. This is our positioning.

He Gang: Now some local governments have done a better job of informatization, and they have begun to use government affairs Dingding for administrative management. According to this line of thinking, will there be various kinds of DingTalk in the future, such as financial DingTalk, retail DingTalk, education DingTalk, and medical DingTalk? Is there such a plan?

Zhang Jianfeng: I think DingTalk itself is a platform. Large enterprises may have very high requirements for their own customization, so they have launched the enterprise version. We made a new taxation platform with taxation, and there were hundreds of thousands of taxpayers Alibaba Cloud Summit.

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