Cloud Summit releases new live e-commerce solutions & cloud native data lake

Over 20 new offerings announced including cloud OS upgrade and cloud-native database

Hangzhou, China, June 8, 2021 – Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intelligence backbone of Alibaba Group, today unveiled a new one-stop e-commerce livestreaming solution to help global merchants of all sizes launch live, interactive channels to offer personalized online shopping experience. Livestreaming e-commerce solutions are quickly evolving as a response to the increasing demand during the COVID-19 pandemic Alibaba Cloud Summit .

Built upon Alibaba Cloud’s extensive Alibaba Cloud Summit content delivery networks (CDNs) with over 2,800 nodes in more than 70 countries and regions, the new solution leverages the cloud leader’s large-scale and distributed real-time video processing technology to ensure an uninterrupted signal transfer between sellers, buyers and the nearest distribution center.

Its proprietary Alibaba Cloud Summit transcoding technology, Narrowband HD™, guarantees image quality while reducing bit rates, enabling a high-resolution livestreaming experience with low bandwidth costs. It helps address challenges surrounding the quality of audio and video, high cost of essential software such as real-time video transcoding and low efficiency in traffic management and CDNs. Users can enjoy livestreams with a latency of around two seconds, essential to the experience of flash sales Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Built on Alibaba Cloud Summit immersive technology, the solution provides a rich range of essential features with minimal latency for virtual sales sessions, including livestream replays, product video showcases embedded into livestreaming windows and real-time subtitle translation for cross-border livestreams, among others. It also supports end-to-end and device-to-cloud livestreaming, making it easier for smaller merchants to launch their own sales sessions Alibaba Cloud Summit.

Starting from June 1, this year’s Tmall 618 Mid-Year Shopping Festival has seen a majority of merchants and brands using Alibaba Cloud Summit livestreaming service. Sales generated from Taobao Live in just the opening hour of the event surpassed that of the entire first day in 2020.

For more information, please check the official documentation.

Integration of Data Lake and Data Warehouse for Internet Business

(1) Data Warehouse
Structured Data
Third Normal Form
Preset Schema
Complex Stream and Batch Architectures
General Elasticity of Computing and Storage Alibaba Cloud Summit
(2) Data Lake
Unstructured Data
Read Schema
Stream-Batch Unification
Cloud-Native Feature with Natural Elasticity
Continuous Evolution of Metadata and Object Storage Capabilities
(3) Integration of Data Lake and Data Warehouse
Data Lake as the Base
Improved Metadata Scalability Alibaba Cloud Summit
Improved Storage Performance of Cloud Objects
Optimized Throughput of Real-Time Data Ingestion in Wide Tables
Analysis and AI Integration
For more information, please check the official documentation.

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