Apsara Conference 2022 | A Huashan discussion in the field of cloud computing

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Introduction: Apsara Conference 2022 , a "Huashan Discussion on the Sword" in the field of cloud computing

Apsara Conference 2022 "Five clouds are auspicious on Wuyun Mountain, clouds are hanging in Apsara Conference 2022 Dock, and there is rain in the bamboo trail in Apsara Conference 2022, and the rain falls on." in the southwest of Hangzhou. Nowadays, the word "Apsara Conference 2022" has a new interpretation. With the development of the Internet era, "Apsara Conference 2022 Town" was quietly born. It is neither Apsara Conference 2022 geographical concept in toponymy, nor a town concept in an administrative region, but a Apsara Conference 2022 The ecological habitat of the computing industry, Alibaba Cloud's annual developer conference is permanently settled here, named "Apsara Conference 2022". Different from Alibaba Cloud's one-man show in the past, this year's Apsara Conference 2022 will feature more than 3,000 domestic and foreign cloud companies, and 150 industry experts will deliver keynote speeches. Become a "Huashan on the sword" in the field of cloud computing Apsara Conference 2022.

Five years of evolution, forever in the cloud Apsara Conference 2022.

Apsara Conference 2022 is not actually a brand new conference. It has been held frequently as "China Local and Industry Website Summit" as early as five years ago. The names of the conference and other names appeared and began to be fixed in Apsara Conference 2022 Town. It was not until 2015 that this series of conferences finally got a more apt name - Apsara Conference 2022. In the past five years, Apsara Conference 2022 conference has had different names, and its content has been "evolving": from product release to industry solution Apsara Conference 2022 demonstration, from focusing on technology to paying equal attention to technology and services, from a single customer to the establishment of an ecosystem, etc. . It can be said that the connotation of the conference is constantly enriched and the level is gradually clear, which also reflects that China's understanding of cloud computing is gradually deepening Apsara Conference 2022.

Especially this year, the concept of "Internet +" continues to heat up, and "people's innovation and entrepreneurship" has become the main strategy of the country to promote economic development, and the development of cloud computing has ushered in unprecedented opportunities. It is imperative to hold an industry conference that comprehensively sorts out and presents the current status of the cloud computing industry, accurately grasps the development trend of cloud computing, and draws a blueprint for the cloud ecosystem. Under such circumstances, the goal of the "Apsara Conference 2022" has been set as follows: with cloud computing big data as the core, "Internet +" as the driving force, and cloud industry ecology as the main content, the interaction between the government and enterprises, the industry and the town share The integration of construction, entrepreneurship and innovation, by demonstrating the development achievements of the cloud computing industry in the country and the whole province, establishing the image of a global cloud computing center, promoting Hangzhou to become a benchmark of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation", and building Hangzhou into an "Internet" with global influence. +" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center. In the future, this conference will be held once a year, and a theme will be determined each time. After five years of evolution, the Apsara Conference 2022 will end up in the cloud and land in Apsara Conference 2022 Town.

Apsara Conference 2022Town is becoming an entrepreneur's paradise

The Hangzhou Municipal Government's vision for Apsara Conference 2022 Town is to take cloud computing as the core of technology and Alibaba cloud computing as the leader, and through 3-5 years of hard work, to create China's first cloud computing industry ecology full of technological and humanistic characteristics small town. Now, this goal is gradually becoming a reality. Relying on Alibaba Cloud and Zhuantang Science and Technology Economic Park, Apsara Conference 2022 currently has more than 80 cloud-related enterprises, including Alibaba Cloud, Huatong Cloud, Weifeng.com, and Yunshang Fund. The next step is to achieve agglomeration. Thousands of cloud-related enterprises, including cloud computing applications, such as APP development, games, Internet finance, mobile Internet, data mining and other fields, form a complete cloud computing industry chain.

In view of this, the "Innovation Ranch" of Apsara Conference 2022 came into being in 2015, its goal is to support and help innovative small enterprises, and provide them with world-class technology, design, R&D, entrepreneurship and other full-link Internet innovation and entrepreneurship foundation. Facility Services. Why is it called Innovation Ranch? "The core is not innovation but pasture." Dr. Wang Jian explained, "The reason why it is not called an incubator or a workshop is that many times the person who founded this thing is the bottleneck. They have to review the project and look at the project. This person will become the ceiling and have constraints. Therefore, we think that the factory is for production, and the pasture is for stocking, and we should not let people become the bottleneck of entrepreneurs.” Since it is called a pasture, it is indispensable for the nourishment of sunlight, water, and grass, and the resources and services of Apsara Conference 2022 Town. , just like the nutrients of the pasture to help entrepreneurs grow freely. In an environment of abundant resources, the ability of innovators determines their own development prospects.

The fertile soil of cloud computing spawns innovation and entrepreneurship

It is reported that Alibaba Cloud has released more than 50 industry solutions not long ago, involving e-commerce, manufacturing, finance, government affairs, medical care, video, games, multimedia and other application fields, covering IoT, O2O, P2P and other innovative applications direction, and is ready to adopt the "Taobao style" of cloud computing services. According to Liu Song, Alibaba Cloud's cloud market will serve as the Internet window for the cloud computing ecosystem, providing customers with "Taobao-style" cloud computing services. Different types of partners can present solutions, products, services and other related content to end users through the cloud market. At the same time, the platform capabilities of the cloud market are used to solve the huge cost investment and management problems caused by the existing offline sales and delivery.

On the Alibaba cloud computing platform, many Internet phenomenon-level applications such as Face Moe, Sing Bar, Super Course Schedule, Face++, and Moman Camera have been born. Xiaokaxiu, which has become popular because of its "tear culture", adopts Alibaba Cloud's multimedia cloud solution, which can quickly open new IT resources and support smooth system upgrades without users' perception when users increase hundreds of times. , and save more than 50% of IT cost investment. The reason for this is mainly because entrepreneurs can use cloud computing to obtain a cost buffer when the investment in capital and infrastructure is not high, and there is no need to invest one-third of the starting capital of the business in the equipment of IT systems. The method of paying as much as you want reduces investment risks and minimizes the cost of entrepreneurs.

GSX was the first server purchased on Alibaba Cloud on July 21, 2014, and it was also the first server I learned from GSX. As an entrepreneurial project of online education, the growth rate of learning from me is very fast. The most direct problem is that it often faces the problem of temporary expansion and difficult database throughput. For example, in the IT era, learning from me required a huge amount of money to purchase IT equipment to cope with peak access. But now, as long as the ecs elastic expansion and drds are put on the Alibaba cloud platform to separate the read and write of the database, the user can be unaware of the situation. solve this problem below.

It is believed that with the holding of the "Apsara Conference 2022", more outstanding developers will be discovered, and more cloud computing applications for entrepreneurs will be born, which will not only accelerate the implementation of Wanzhong's innovation and entrepreneurship strategy, but also promote It is helpful for cloud computing to provide a source of power for industrial upgrading, reform and innovation, and to tap the endless entrepreneurial passion and opportunities that cloud computing can help.

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