Open Source PolarDB-X Database - Apsara 2022

Date: Oct 1, 2022

Recently, at the Apsara Conference 2022, Alibaba Cloud officially open sourced the source code of the cloud-native distributed database PolarDB-X, and shared the self-developed cloud-native distributed core technology to further promote the development of cloud-native distributed databases Apsara Conference 2022.

Apsara Conference 2022 this open source follows the Apache v2 (computing layer) and GPL v2 (storage layer) open source protocols, and is open source in a mode of full sharing and respecting the original author's copyright. Users can directly use or provide commercial products for secondary distribution based on Alibaba Cloud's open source database products. and service. The project has now been released on Alibaba Cloud's official website and Github Apsara Conference 2022.

"We open source Alibaba's core cloud-native database technology, and hope that developers and customers can quickly use Alibaba Cloud's database product technology through the open-source version, and participate in the iterative process of technical products to jointly build a cloud-native distributed database ecosystem. " said Li Feifei, head of Alibaba Cloud Database Apsara Conference 2022.

Thanks to the complete reconstruction of the database by cloud-native technology, database services have become on-demand, secure, reliable, and low-cost services. Cloud-native distributed databases have the characteristics of ease of use, high scalability, rapid iteration, and cost savings. They are an inevitable development trend in the future and can solve the core demands of enterprise users Apsara Conference 2022.

PolarDB-X is a native MySQL distributed database independently developed by Alibaba. It is compatible with MySQL protocols and clients. It has important features such as automatic load balancing, high availability, HTAP mixed load, support for distributed transactions, and global secondary indexes. Database bottlenecks such as high concurrency throughput, massive data storage, and bottlenecks in large tables have passed the test of various Tmall Double 11 and industry-wide customer business Apsara Conference 2022.

Apsara Conference 2022 as a global database leader, Alibaba Cloud Database actively embraces open source. In May of this year, Alibaba Cloud was the first to open source the distributed version of PolarDB for PostgreSQL. At this Apsara Conference 2022, Alibaba Cloud officially open sourced the cloud-native distributed database PolarDB-X and PolarDB for PostgreSQL shared storage version, and will open source the cloud-native multi-mode database Lindorm in the future to gather community forces and prosper the cloud-native distributed database ecosystem. Drive technological change Apsara Conference 2022.

Since 2018,Apsara Conference 2022 has entered the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Databases for three consecutive years, and entered the Gartner Global Database Leaders Quadrant in 2020, becoming the first Chinese technology company to enter the Leaders quadrant in the field of basic software. At present, Alibaba Cloud's database market share ranks among the top three in the world and the first in Asia Pacific.

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