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Alibaba Cloud networking services provide you a highly stable, low latency, and high-speed network with flexible hybrid cloud connections. Our networking services deliver secure and reliable communication to and from IDCs in 30 regions globally. With more than 89 availability zones deployed globally, Alibaba Cloud’s large node network gives you access to close by nodes shortening geographic distances.
US West
Silicon Valley data center
US East
Virginia data center
Mumbai data center
Middle East
Dubai, SAU (Riyadh - Partner Region) data center
Effective coverage of Northeast Asia
China South
Shenzhen data center
China(Hong Kong)
Gateway to China and the world
China North
Beijing, Qingdao, Zhangjiakou & Hohhot data centers
China East
Shanghai & Hangzhou & Nanjing & Fuzhou data centers
Singapore data center
Sydney data center
Kuala Lumpur data center
Bangkok data center
Jakarta data center
London data center
Frankfurt data center
China West
Chengdu data center
Central China



Regions in Mainland China


Point of Presence (POP) Nodes

110 +

CDN Nodes

3,200 +

Why Alibaba Cloud Network

Cross-Region, Comprehensive, and Simple Services.

Cross-Region Global Network Connection

Alibaba Cloud provides fast and cost-effective networking services for multinational enterprises to build cross-region network connections.

Fast Deployment

Set up a multi-region networking environment in 4 easy steps and within 5 minutes.

Cost Effective

The cost depends on the demands of your network needs. No extra charges are required.

Superior Speed

Significantly reduces network latency. It improves business processes and overall communication.

China Gateway

As a leading cloud provider in China, we provide reliable network connection in China. Explore More

Comprehensive Hybrid Network Solution

For any industry, Alibaba Cloud hybrid cloud network solution enables you to connect your on-premise data from IDC, headquarters, branches, or offline stores to Alibaba Cloud. The hybrid network connections ensure that your cross-region interconnections are secure, reliable, and flexible.

Quickly and Easily Set-up and Manage Your Networks

Alibaba Cloud provides you with an easy-to-use interface to manage your networking services, such as Cloud Enterprise Network. You can set up a multi-region networking environment in 4 steps within 5 minutes.

Set Up a Multi-Region Network in 5 Minutes
1Create a CEN Instance
2Add Network Instances
3Purchase a Bandwidth Package
4Configure Cross-region Bandwidth

Our Networking Services

Hybrid Cloud Network

VPN Gateway
Express Connect

Multi-region Network


Alibaba Cloud

Elastic IP
NAT Gateway

VPN Gateway

An Internet-based service that establishes a connection between a VPC and on-premise data center.

VPN Gateway is used to transmit encrypted traffic between Alibaba Cloud VPCs and enterprise data centers, enterprise office networks, or Internet platforms over the Internet.

Start From $0.059/Hour(s)

Provides various security measures to ensure your data security. These include data source verification, data encryption, anti-tamper protection, and anti-replay measures.
Easy to Configure
An out-of-the-box product that requires only simple configurations.
Dedicated connections are built based on the Internet, which lowers the cost by about 70%.

Express Connect

A dedicated network connection between different cloud environments.

This service is used in multiple scenarios such as VPC communication across regions or user accounts, or data transmission between your on-premise data center and the cloud over a leased line.

Start From $0/Month

Your data is securely transferred across on-premises data centers without being exposed to the Internet.
Express Connect allows you to build a hybrid cloud network by offering over 50 access points.
Express Connect provides redundant links to ensure the reliability and stability of communications.
High Speed
Express Connect supports low-latency high-bandwidth transmission even between distanced physical locations through internal network connections.

Smart Access Gateway

Provides an end-to-end cloud deployment solution for connecting hardware and software to Alibaba Cloud.

This allows enterprises to connect to the nearest VPC through encrypted connections.

Start from $1,269.17/Year

Smart Connections
A highly automated and out-of-the-box service. It automatically converges the network to adapt to topology changes.
You can connect to the VPC that is nearest to their region. Device and link failover ensures that your on-premises business systems can establish reliable connections to the cloud.
The on-premises systems are connected to VPCs through encrypted connections. Data is encrypted for secure transmission over the Internet.

Cloud Enterprise Network

A comprehensive set of virtual networking capabilities that provide customers multi-region networking on the cloud.

The product facilitates communication between VPC to VPC and VPC to IDC.

Start From $68/Month

Easy to use
Configure your CEN by completing four simple steps in five minutes.
The costs are about 10% lower than Express Connect.
Flexible Allocation of Bandwidth Resources
You can customize your bandwidth package, allocate bandwidth resources to various regions, and scale bandwidth to your needs at any time.

Global Accelerator

Global Accelerator is a network acceleration service, benefiting from the high-quality bandwidth and global transmission networks that are provided by Alibaba Cloud. Global Accelerator enables nearby access to the Internet and cross-region deployment of applications, improving the user experience of Internet services. Global Accelerator features high network quality, high security, high availability, and low latency.

Start From $0/Month

High Availability
Monitors the running status of applications and automatically schedules user traffic to ensure service continuity.
Robust Security
Allows you to set access control policies and use Alibaba Cloud security services to protect applications from attacks.
Easy Deployment
Easy to configure and deploy. A unified monitoring and operations and maintenance system is implemented for global resources.

Virtual Private Cloud

Provides an isolated cloud network to operate resources in a secure environment.

Build your isolated network environment based on Alibaba Cloud including customizing the IP address range, network segment, route table, and gateway.

Start From $0/Month

Secure Isolation
Layer-2 logical isolation is achieved between different VPC instances.
Works with multiple products and easily manages Internet portals to provide a hybrid cloud architecture.
Free of Charge
A fully isolated VPC environment for free on the Alibaba Cloud platform.


Secure, convenient, and private connections to services on Alibaba Cloud

Elastic IP

An independent public IP resource that decouples ECS and public IP resources, allowing you to flexibly manage public IP resources.

Includes multiple billing and purchasing options as well as a wide array of management methods.

Start From $0.003/Hour(s)

Supports Pay-By-Traffic and option for discounted subscription prices.
High Availability
Based on its highly available underlying architecture, this EIP prevents SPOF and supports cross-zone disaster tolerance.
Easy to Use
Elastic IP is ready to deploy upon purchase and bandwidth changes take effect in real time.

NAT Gateway

A public Internet gateway for flexible usage of network resources and access to VPC.

It is an enterprise-class public network gateway, providing proxy services (SNAT and DNAT), up to 10 Gbps forwarding capacity, and cross-zone disaster recovery.

Start From $1.829/Day(s)

High Reliability
NAT Gateway is an extremely stable gateway service, which has been used in disaster recovery across zones.
Supports bandwidth sharing, which allows multiple VPC-connected ECS instances to share Internet bandwidth.
High Performance
A NAT gateway can support up to 10 Gbps of throughput and one million connections, to meet the requirements of super large business system deployment in the cloud.

Server Load Balancer

Distributes traffic among multiple instances to improve the service capabilities of your applications.

You can use SLB to prevent single point of failures (SPOFs) and improve the availability and the fault tolerance capability of your applications.

Start From $0.003/Hour(s)

Same-City Disaster Recovery
Supports high availability across zones and failover within 30 seconds.
Traffic Distribution
Supports automatic traffic distribution among multiple instances to improve the servicing capabilities of your applications.
Extremely High Performance
Provides guaranteed-performance instances and supersize instances.

How It Works

  • Interconnect to Global Cloud
  • Connect IDCs to the Cloud
  • Accelerate Global Connection
  • Connect Satellite Offices to the Cloud
Interconnect to Global Cloud

Our Solution

  • With Alibaba Cloud networking, you can build your global business network connections using multiple VPCs in different regions. Cloud Enterprise Network learns the routing information and distributes the routing automatically, therefore providing advanced communication between VPCs. You can experience the faster, secure, and high-quality network worldwide.

Building a cross-region hybrid enterprise network

  • Optimize your internal business operations by connecting multiple offices, stores, and branches in different regions. Explore More
Connect IDCs to the Cloud

Our Solution

  • By using Alibaba Cloud networking services, you can access Alibaba Cloud Express Connect from your different local data centers through local operator's leased line.

Dedicated network connection between different cloud environments

  • Access services on cloud from your own data center. Explore More

Related Products

Accelerate Global Connection
Mobile Application

Our Solution

  • For global business management, low latency communication between HQ and international offices is vital. Cloud Enterprise Network gives businesses access to multiple VPCs and regions, which improves business processes and overall connection with lower latency between headquarters and global branches.

Accelerate your websites, mobile apps and application services

  • Bring the best experiences to your global customers with our fast and reliable networking services. Explore More
Connect Satellite Offices to the Cloud

Our Solution

  • Alibaba Cloud networking services enable your enterprise to interconnect with branch offices with services including Smart Access Gateway, VPN Gateway and 3rd party SD-WAN provider that can access Alibaba Cloud from different local data centers. Our fast, compliant, fast, and secure network allows you to access your business on the cloud easily.

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