If you have your own on-premises data center, interconnection with the cloud is required to access products and services stored there. Today, the traditional way of connecting the network via VPN can never meet enterprises’ requirements on speed, stability, security, and compliance.

The Challenges of Network Performance

The latency problem caused by geographic distance cannot be solved using public internet.
Low Availability
The complaints from customers about bad network performance leads to the loss of customers and ultimately the loss of revenue.
Complex Deployment
The complicated network deployment cannot adapt your rapid business growth.
High Security Risks
Connection through public internet is vulnerable to DDoS attacks and crawlers.

Connecting Your On-Premises Data Centers with Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud builds dedicated connections between on-premises data centers and VPCs. It allows on-premise data centers to communicate with VPCs through dedicated and high-speed connections and will enable you to build a converged network based on different architectures.


  • Low-latency
  • High stability
  • Security
  • Compliance

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Superior Speed

Dedicated networks with low latency and high bandwidth for long-distance and end-to-end connection.


Ensures the high stability and reliability of communications by using backup connections.


All data is transmitted through Alibaba Cloud's infrastructure, with no risk of being exposed to the Internet.


Connects with the first-tier telecom providers to ensure full compliance with local regulations.

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Express Connect

A dedicated network connection between different cloud environments.

- Redundant links to ensure the reliability and stability.

- Data is securely transferred across on-premises data centers.

- Low-latency high-bandwidth transmission.

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