Alibaba Cloud for Students

Enjoy free cloud servers, training courses, certifications and exclusive campaigns and opportunities by verifying your student status.

This offer is currently available to university/college students in these countries & regions.

Program Overview

Verified students will gain access to our exclusive student benefits, including free Elastic Compute Service (ECS), training courses, certifications and more.

Students at AAEP member Institutions Non-AAEP Students
Cloud Server • 1 selected ECS Instance for free for 1 year • 1 selected ECS Instance for free for 1 year
Training and Certification • Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership for free
• Free Access to Cooperative Education (AliCE) Courses
• 1 ACA certifications for free
• Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership for free
• Free Access to Cooperative Education (AliCE) Courses
Exclusive Benefits and Resources for Verified Students • Tianchi Competitions
• Community Influencer
• Global Student Community
• Tianchi Competitions
• Community Influencer
• Global Student Community

How to Join?

Step 1
Create an Account

Sign up with Alibaba Cloud for free

Step 2
Verify Student Status

Complete the process to get verified as a student (see tips)

Step 3
Enjoy the Benefits

Get free ECS, training, certification, and other benefits below

Free Cloud Server

Get Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) for free for an entire year to build your first website. That's up to $139.68 in savings.

Burstable Type t5

1 Core CPU

1GB Memory

40GB Ultra Disk

Linux OS

60,000 PPS

1Mbps Bandwidth

Free Training and Certification

Explore over 100 online courses and certifications by claiming an Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership for free* (originally priced at $19.99). In addition, students at AAEP member institutions can also sign up for the ACA certification exam for free.

Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership

With Academy Membership, you will be able to access to all Academy online courses, Apsara Clouder Certifications and Specialty Certifications without any costs. Claim for Free >

Explore over 100 Training Courses and Certification >

* With an Alibaba Cloud Academy membership (valid for one year), you will have a maximum of 4 opportunities to take each Apsara Clouder and Specialty certification

Cooperative Education (AliCE) Courses Partnering with leading universities and professors, Alibaba Cloud Cooperative Education (AliCE) plan enables students to access the most cutting-edge technologies of Alibaba Cloud and work on real-world data, projects, and infrastructure to gain practical experience.
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

Presented by Liu Yan from East China Normal University, this introductory level course covers major machine learning algorithms with hands-on projects and case study. In this course, students will use Python to complete their own AI projects. It would be a good start for those who are interested in AI and hope to develop a general idea about the classic ML algorithms.

Coming Soon
Machine Learning
Machine Learning

Presented by Li Kan from Beijing Institute of Technology, this course will systematically introduce classic as well as the most cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Both theories and applications will be covered. Students will also have lots of fun in applying ML methods in real-life cases.

Coming Soon
Deep Learning
Deep Learning

Presented by Zhao Weidong from Fudan University, this course will introduce major deep learning algorithms and their application. In this course, students will learn the structure, training method and applications of typical generative adversarial networks(GANs) as well as attention mechanism.

Coming Soon
Exclusive Benefits and Resources Verified students can also get exclusive benefits and resources through multiple programs and campaigns, including selected competitions on the Tianchi Platform, the Community Influencer program and the Global Student Community.
Tianchi AI Competitions
Tianchi AI Competitions

Leverage AI and cloud computing to solve problems with innovation to win prizes.

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Community Influencer
Community Influencer

Share your knowledge and experiences on Alibaba Cloud, build your influence, and get rewarded.

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Global Student Community
Global Student Community

Verified students will be invited to join Alibaba Cloud Student Community and meet global student developers.

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Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program

Alibaba Cloud Academic Empowerment Program (AAEP) works directly with the accredited educational institutions to provide multiple resources to students, educators and researchers.

Why Alibaba Cloud

As the cloud computing arm and a business unit of Alibaba Group (NYSE: BABA), Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to help power and grow your business.
Public cloud service provider in Asia
Public cloud service provider worldwide
Account managing data centers globally
CDN nodes worldwide
Customers worldwide

Rules & FAQs

1. What countries and regions are included in the program?

The program is available to students at selected universities and colleges in these countries & regions.

2. How can I join the Alibaba Cloud for Students program?

After you register an Alibaba Cloud, please verify your student status here, then you can enjoy your student benefits.

3. Do I have to add a credit card before getting any student benefits?

No, if you complete the student verification process, you can get the student benefits without a credit card or any other payment methods.

4. Tips for the student verification process

•The program is only available to individual accounts. If you are using an enterprise account, you are not eligible to request student verification.

•Each account can submit the verification request only once. If you happen to choose the wrong school and proceed to the next step, you will have one chance to modify the school information.

•Please make sure that you use your legal name registered to your school when completing your information. If you fail because the name you use with your Alibaba Cloud account does not match the name you registered with at your school, please create a new account and verify your status again.

5. How can I get my verification information if I pass the student verification?

If you successfully pass the student verification process, you can check your status here.

6. What benefits can verified students get from the program?

Verified students can get the following benefits:

•One selected prepaid ECS server for free for one year. The supported instance types and regions might change from time to time.

•An Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership for free (valid for one year)

•Exclusive student benefits in selected Tianchi competitions.

•Become an Alibaba Cloud Community Influencer and get rewards after you get any certification from Alibaba Cloud Academy.

• Eligible to join Alibaba Cloud Student Community.

Students at AAEP member institutions can also get an ACA exam for free, and have chances to get additional benefits when participating in selected Tianchi competitions and when applying for Alibaba Cloud Student Ambassador.

7. Can I renew my verified student status and my cloud server when they expire?

If you are at an AAEP member institution, you can renew your student status and your cloud server for free if you get an ACA certification. Otherwise, you cannot renew your verified student status and need to pay the original price to renew your cloud server when it expires.

8. Can I get the exclusive student offer on the cloud server if I have already purchased ECS?

Yes, but if you have already got a free ECS with the Alibaba Cloud Free Trial program, you are not eligible to get another free ECS with Alibaba Cloud for Students program.

9. Can I cancel the yearly subscription of the cloud server and get a refund?

No, it cannot be canceled for a refund.

10. What can I get after I claim my Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership?

After you pass the student verificatoin, you can get an Alibaba Cloud Academy Membership by claiming it here, which is valid for one year. With the membership, you will get unlimited access to all online training courses, all Apsara Clouder certifications and all Specialty certifications for free. You will have up to 4 opportunities to take each Apsara Clouder and Specialty certification exam.

11. How can I join the Community Influencer program?

Once you get one Apsara Clouder or ACA certification, you can apply to the Community Influencer program. Then, you can start to post on eligible tech forums and get rewarded for your questions, answers, and posts.

12. How can my university/college enroll in the AAEP program?

Please refer to the AAEP program for details.

13. Disclaimer

Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to end or adjust this offer at any time.