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What is cloud computing

Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing resources (including servers, databases, storage, platforms, infrastructure, applications, etc.) over the Internet. Cloud computing can be used on a pay-as-you-go basis, which means you pay just for what you need.

What is public cloud

Public cloud is a cloud infrastructure provisioned for use by the general public, individuals or businesses. Essentially, third-party public cloud providers lease servers within a virtual environment, which is accessible over Internet.

What is private cloud

Different from public cloud, a private cloud is a model of cloud computing that provides a dedicated cloud environment to a single organization.

What is hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing model that combines one or more public cloud and private cloud environments through a network connection, which allows for sharing of data and applications between the different cloud environments.

What is the difference among Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud?

We hear often talking about public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud, but what is the difference among them. Check the definition and comparison of each of the different cloud environments.

What is serverless

Serverless architecture, also referred to as FaaS (Functions as a Service) or Backend As A Service, enables the execution of an application via ephemeral and stateless containers; The containers are created right at the moment an event occurs and triggers a need for an action.

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