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POLARDB: Designed for the Cloud, Created by the Professionals

Ever since their invention, online databases have changed the way we understand and manage information. The desire for change from industry indirectly places higher demands on database technology. Cost, performance, and pace of iteration are all key ingredients to enterprise transformation.

The all-new ApsaraDB for POLARDB is designed for the cloud. Dozens of engineers and scientists spent three years laying down the groundwork and three months of intense development to create POLARDB. Innovative design can be found in its features such as the database engine, distributed storage, high-speed network, and virtualization.

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POLARDB - All In One

OLTP and OLAP databases are integrated to provide enterprises with the IT infrastructure to fulfill digital transformation

High-speed Performance

POLARDB optimizes computing and storage engines, increasing the read performance to 1,000,000 queries per second (QPS), and achieves a write performance of 130,000 QPS.

Super High Capacity & Auto Scaling

Separated computing and storage design allows the storage space to automatically scale according to usage. POLARDB can upgrade node specifications and scale read-only nodes within five minutes.

Fully Compatible With MySQL

The performance of POLARDB is six times that of the open-source MySQL database. It is fully compatible with the latest MySQL and compatible with MySQL 5.6, significantly reducing adaptation costs for users.

High Reliability & High Availability

The snapshot technology can quickly backup incremental data. Hierarchical storage and multi-tier backup design support on-site data recovery with strong consistency of data. Multiple active clusters are also available for off-site disaster recovery.

Data Security

POLARDB provides features such as whitelists, VPC network, SSL encryption, SQL auditing, multiple copy data storage, and backup recovery to maintain data security.

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Deploy and Work Globally on the Cloud

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Alibaba Cloud provides outstanding local technical service capabilities. More importantly, it qualifies the Philips global vendors’ specifications for finance, legal compliance, risk control and security. Alibaba Cloud has also provided substantial assistance in terms of tech support and which has enabled us to expand our business.”

"Schneider Electric wanted a truly global cloud network to powers its application, including access to the China market with its very high barriers to entry. Alibaba Cloud provided the global coverage Schneider Electric needed, as well as providing advanced infrastructure to manage heavy traffic on its cloud-based energy management application."

“With Alibaba Cloud we can launch deployments with a few clicks, have the flexibility to scale in real-time and leverage the benefits of built-in security and automated back-ups. We are happy with our decision to move to Alibaba Cloud.”

Terms & FAQs

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1. How can Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server be accessed?
MySQL can be accessed through both the public Internet as well as private Intranet networks.
2. Can Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server be upgraded?
Yes, Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server supports automated upgrades and lets you choose from a variety of specifications available. ApsaraDB for MySQL can also be modified according to the needs of your application.
3. How can I ensure that the application’s connection to the database is always maintained?
To ensure higher availability of your application, it is recommended to program the application to establish automatic reconnection to the database with a higher timeout.
4. Why does a SQL statement run faster on a database configured on ECS than on MySQL?
MySQL queries running on ECS may be faster than queries running on ApsaraDB for MySQL because ECS does not need to transmit the query to another server. This saves time. ApsaraDB for MySQL is a Managed Database Service and its performance is more evident under high loads and high concurrent connections.
5. Can external servers access Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server?
Yes, Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server can be accessed by external servers through IP addresses (via public networks). Users are recommended to use ApsaraDB for MySQL with ECS instances as the network connectivity from the ECS instances to ApsaraDB for MySQL instances over the Intranet is faster. Also, it does not incur any network charges and is more secure. The average network latency from your external server to the ApsaraDB for MySQL instance should be maintained below 10 milliseconds for quick query performance. You can ping your ApsaraDB for MySQL connection address to identify the average network latency.
6. Can multiple ECS servers share the same database?
Yes, multiple ECS instances or servers can use the same ApsaraDB for MySQL database at the same time but the load capacity must stay within the specified load capacity of that particular ApsaraDB for MySQL database instance.
7. What is the maximum concurrency allowed for Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server?
The number of simultaneous online connections allowed will be different, depending upon the specific parameters set by the user. It also depends on the server specifications on which your database is running on.
8. Is Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server capable of table-splitting and read/write splitting by itself?
Alibaba Cloud MySQL has read-only instances which support read/write splitting. In addition, MySQL has a master-slave structure where the slave database does not support read and write requests, unlike the master instances. However, for horizontal splitting, DRDS (Distributed Relational Database Service) service can be used.
9. Why does a particular table or data in the database disappear?
Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server does NOT delete or perform any operations on the user’s table and data. Disappearing tables may occur due to incorrect coding, however this data can be recovered by rolling back the instances to the last backed-up version.
10. My instance suddenly stopped and I can only access it in read-only mode, why is this?
This situation arises when your instance size exceeds the maximum storage quota specified for your instance. In this scenario, your instance gets locked and you will only be able to select, view and/or drop tables in your database, and will not be able to edit, update or delete any data. Under these circumstances, it is recommended that you upgrade the specifications of your ApsaraDB for MySQL instances, purchase extra storage space, or drop existing tables to make more space within your existing storage quota. The system will automatically unlock your instances once sufficient storage space is available.
11. Does Alibaba MySQL Cloud Server support caching plugins such as Memcache?
The product itself does not support caching plugins but works well with the other caching services such as Alibaba Cloud ApsaraDB for Memcache to provide the required acceleration.
12. What does slow query under "Performance Optimization" in the MySQL mean?
The performance optimization of ApsaraDB for Memcache records the slow query logs, which further tracks the SQL queries that have an execution time of more than 1 second. To modify this through the console, navigate to the “Parameter Settings” section and append the parameter “long_query_time”. This also provides information about the queries, which affect database performance so you can optimize the code to improve overall efficiency.
13. What do Alibaba MySQL Cloud database server connections signify?
The Alibaba MySQL Cloud database server connections indicate the number of connections your application or a server has with the ApsaraDB for MySQL instances at any point in time. Note: The number of connection is not related to the number of users using your website or application.

Terms of Promotion

1. What products are participating in the promotions?
Specification limits: MySQL 5.6 1 core 2G specification, MySQL 5.6 2 core 4G specification, SQL Server 2106 web edition 2 core 4G;Geographical restrictions: Overseas users, international stations, excluding Japan and Dubai nodes;Payment method restrictions: including prepaid products, excluding post-paid products.
2. How is the price of the discount activity calculated?
30% off the annual package. There is no discount for the monthly subscription. New purchases are limited to one instance. Same users can only have one time discount, and the discounts with other databases cannot be applied at the same time.
3. Other restrictions on the promotions:
Duration of the event: April 13 to May 13.


Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to adjust the purchase policy, pricing, product configurations, and features. Alibaba Cloud will update the Purchase Guidelines and FAQs, and send notification emails to existing plan users when adjustments are made.

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