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EU Cloud COC

Alibaba Cloud verified to be adherent to and compliant to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct by SCOPE Europe, the Code’s independent monitoring body. This verification underpins the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-related measures implemented by Alibaba Cloud for customers.

The affirmation follows fierce efforts to ensure Alibaba Cloud services comply with the transparency and privacy protection requirements in Europe, and constitutes an important milestone in the company’s journey to verifiably align with GDPR. The cloud services confirmed to be in compliance to the Code of Conduct are transparently listed in the Public Register, and supported by a public verification report. Cloud service families, relying on the same technical and organizational as well as contractual framework, ease a Cloud Service Provider’s declaration of adherence as cloud services will be assessed collectively.

Alibaba Cloud services are verified compliant with the EU Cloud CoC, Verification-ID: 2020LVL02SCOPE013. For further information please visit

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