CSA STAR certification is a new and targeted international professional certification program by the founders of global standards - the British Standards Institution (BSI) and the international Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), aimed at coping with specific problems related to cloud security.

Based on ISO/IEC 27001 certification and combined with the requirements of Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM), CSA STAR uses the maturity model and assessment approaches provided by BSI to comprehensively evaluate the cloud security management and technical capabilities for any organization that provides and uses cloud computing service, and finally provides independent third-party audit conclusions.

Alibaba Cloud is the first company in the world to obtain the CSA STAR gold medal certification, which testifies our dedication to and leadership in cloud security.

CSA STAR Certified cloud vendors provide service capabilities transparently, helping customers to make more informed decisions when buying and using services. Its value is also reflected in allowing more users to trust and try cloud computing services, so that they can achieve rapid development and business innovation with the power of the cloud.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud also completed a self-assessment of the CSA Consensus Assessment Initiative Questionnaire (CAIQ) to describe our compliance with the best practices issued by CSA and let our customers understand how Alibaba Cloud meets these requirements. Our completed CAIQ could be found here.

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