Smart Event Guidebook, an AI-Driven Event Service

An intelligent dialogue robot platform for organizers and IT technical support personnel, providing intelligent dialogue, service, and search applications for sports and events


The Alibaba Cloud intelligent dialogue robot leverages industry-leading AI technologies to provide integrated conversational services for sports and events personnel and organizations. Based on event scenarios, it supports event consultation, sports knowledge base, event rule database, and Service Guide query with various solutions (such as venue information query and life guide) and multi-form channels (such as voice dialogue, text dialogue, mobile terminal, and PC terminal.)


  • Easy Configuration

    Text, picture, video, and attachments in other formats can be imported to the knowledge base through simple configuration, supporting 24/7 automatic consultation and reducing service costs.

  • Multi-Terminal Deployment

    A variety of terminal deployments, including WeChat, DingTalk, web pages, mobile devices, and apps, provide diversified access channels for event-related personnel.

  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis for event service helps enterprises optimize service processes and guidelines, driving service quality improvements.

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How It Works


The lack of a unified application system and management platform for event knowledge brings down the efficiency of event preparation, especially when multi-language skills and professional knowledge about sports and events are required.

Our Solution

  • The intelligent dialogue robot supports the accumulation and editing of multi-form, Chinese and English bilingual event knowledge and manages it uniformly via a knowledge base. Intelligent algorithms allow the intelligent dialogue robot to analyze automatically, match professional knowledge points quickly, and provide 24/7 event consulting services through various channels. As a voice robot, it can also provide intelligent outbound voice call services. It can analyze dialogue logs and output reports, such as public opinion analysis and user intention analysis, to help data-driven event operation.

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