Data Driven App Operations Solution

Optimizing mobile application operations through data analytics

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A reliable and hassle-free mobile application requires the combination of several factors to ensure user retention. A vital aspect in ensuring continuous mobile application usage is the presence of a cloud-based mobile application solution. Such a solution acts as a one-stop-solution for data analysis, personalized processing, and application for enterprises, at all stages of development.

Solution Architecture

Alibaba Cloud Data-driven Mobile App Acceleration Solution offers solutions for four typical application scenarios: independent log analysis, targeted mobile marketing, smart push, and personalized recommendation.
Independent log analysis offers a quick collection of user behavior data that is then processed by the MaxCompute service to perform BI analysis and data mining independently. To facilitate target mobile marketing, the Alibaba Cloud solution facilitates pre-definition of user profiles. The push information facilitates the use of pre-defined terminal and user tags. Personal recommendation enables the integration of user behavior, item, and user data to predict real-time recommendations. This enables rapid optimization of product experience, and increases user activity and conversion rates.


  • Predicts real-time recommendation using personal integration
  • Facilitates target mobile marketing
  • Allows developers to use pre-defined terminal
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