Smart Hardware Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers intelligent IoT cloud solutions which integrate with your smart hardware devices and provide real-time data to establish an instant exchange of information between the hardware and web application. This provides essential data about users, which can be processed in real-time for insightful business decisions.

Recommended Solution Architecture

Solution description

  1. The smart hardware platform from Alibaba Cloud consists of six stages:
  2. 1. Hardware equipment stage:
  3. At this stage, it connects smart devices to a gateway for data exchange using online communication applications and modules such as Multipoint Control Unit (MCU), sensors and Wi-Fi/3G/4G sensors.
  4. 2. Cloud gateway stage:
  5. At this stage, the cloud gateway receives and forwards messages from connected intelligent hardware equipment to independent nodes through universal protocols.
  6. 3. Mobile client:
  7. At this stage, the IoT cloud platform receives and sends data back and forth to the cloud gateway and also processes equipment registration queries, data storage, data processing and sends relevant commands.
  8. 4. IoT stage:
  9. At the IoT stage, the Server Load Balancer and a horizontally scalable ECS cluster push and receive high-quality concurrent data structures.
  10. 5. Service stage:
  11. At the service stage, nodes match the target hardware and forwards service data on the basis of parameters set by user. This forwarding completes data subscription and distribution of the service system and allows you to control hardware efficiently.
  12. 6. Big data stage:
  13. At the big-data stage, huge sets of transactional data generated by users which are stored in the Alibaba Cloud Table Store or Distributed Relational Database provides real-time response to queries. MaxCompute performs various statistical analyses and provides intelligent predictions based on analyzed data. Further Alibaba Cloud Analytical Database Service implements and manages complex multidimensional data queries.

Solution Driven

When human resources are limited, data migration to the cloud is slow and unreliable.
The smart hardware platform can rapidly transform traditional hardware to smart hardware to adapt to social development and improve product competitiveness.
Platforms traditionally have low availability. Users cannot control or query smart hardware in real time and smart hardware data cannot be uploaded in real time.
Based on the distributed architecture of the application system, the cloud computing platform features high concurrent data processing capabilities which can provide services for millions connected hardware.
Platform data security cannot be ensured.
Ensures smooth, uninterrupted operations with a security system that can prevent DDoS attacks up to 453.8 GB.
Difficult to build and maintain a network that can effectively keep up with sudden increases in demand.
Alibaba Cloud’s on-demand, rapidly deployed services offer scalability which allows your business to seamlessly scale up when necessary.