Real Estate Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers a simple, convenient and scalable solution to collect, analyze and store real estate equipment data remotely, using Alibaba Cloud's advanced cloud computing services and mobile Internet technologies. Based on a distributed architecture, the solution provides services that are scalable, reliable and secure, which enables real estate equipment data to be stored, accessed and processed seamlessly.

Recommended Solution Architecture

Solution description

  1. The real estate equipment management cloud platform consists of four main parts: the IoT stage, the service zone, the big data stage, and business intelligence & analysis stage:
  2. 1. IoT stage: a data communication server cluster is built to collect and process the data of real estate equipment. Data is sent to a cluster of stream-processing servers for processing in real-time as well as monitoring for any abnormal or inconsistent data. The stream-processing cluster notifies the administrator before passing the data to analytical nodes.
  3. 2. Service stage: the web application server cluster connects to the connected equipment's browser, allowing administrators to remotely manage and control any equipment set up through the network.
  4. 3. Big data, business intelligence and analysis stages: the ApsaraDB for RDS cluster stores equipment data through Distributed Relational Database Service which provides real-time query services for all users. Data is synchronized to the ODPS cluster which then performs statistical analyses and various predictions based on the data analysis model. The results of the data analysis is sent through the DPC node to be refined by service analysts.
  5. 4. Security: Server Load Balancer and a horizontally scalable ECS cluster are used in the solution's IoT stage and service stage to ensure that the collection of highly concurrent data is as reliable as possible.

Solution Driven

Resource deployment for traditional IDCs is slow and ultimately expensive. As services develop, the IDC architecture needs to be adjusted which may mean having to invest in upgrading new resources or replacing existing ones. In cases where emergency resources are required, it is a slow and costly process to meet the demand.
Alibaba Cloud's products are ready on-demand and rapidly deployed. As your business grows, your cloud network can be elastically resized at any time to meet its changing requirements.
The data from equipment needs to be collected in real time with a large number of concurrent data writes. It is difficult for the traditional real estate industry to support this.
Based on the distributed architecture of the application system, Alibaba Cloud's platform features high concurrent data processing capabilities which can provide services for tens of millions of network connected industrial equipment.
Limited data storage space impairs the collection and analysis of data.
The cloud platform provides various data analysis services and a powerful computing core. Through various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence, the Real Estate Solution can mine the specific data which you need to create real value for your business.
Building a traditional high availability platform that can efficiently handle local and remote disaster recovery back-up requires a large investment in a number of resources and technologies.
The cloud infrastructure comes with a suite of security services which protects the network application system. Highly advanced security features can prevent DDoS attacks up to hundreds of gigabytes as well as providing protection from other attacks.