Product Traceability

Guarantee product traceability all the way through the supply chain. Ensure the quality and security of your products and gain the trust of your customers.

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In conventional retail scenarios, consumer and supply chain information is not traceable. When a product quality or safety issue occurs, it is difficult to trace and recall the product, or locate the responsible party. Alibaba Cloud BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) can help solve this problem.

Solution Architecture

Alibaba Cloud BaaS provides a tamper-resistant shared transaction history. This service supports querying and auditing by consumers. At the same time, the blockchain ensures that the source information is confirmed by all participants and the information cannot be tampered with. The entire transaction history on the blockchain can be audited to meet policy and regulatory requirements. The blockchain can be combined with anti-counterfeiting and digital technologies to provide a complete set of traceability solutions for multiple commodities.


  • Tamper-proof transaction history
  • Support for easy auditing of the blockchain

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