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Embrace digital banking with Hi Sun FinTech Global (HSG)'s all-in-one banking system solution on Alibaba Cloud


Hi Sun Banking Suite (HBS) on Alibaba Cloud is an end-to-end digital banking solution jointly provided by HSG and Alibaba Cloud, which enables you to transform legacy core banking systems into new digital banking systems. It modularizes banking features using microservice-based architecture to make the implementation of complicated backend service systems more flexible, agile, and cost-effective. Watch the full video from Alibaba Cloud Finance Summit to learn about this solution and HSG.

Solution Highlights

  • One-Stop Banking Solution

    HBS provides an end-to-end full stack banking solution for you to build, launch, and operate a digital bank with frontend-to-backend governance to meet any regulatory compliance requirement.

  • Banking as a Service

    Hi Sun Banking Suite (HBS) supports both on premises and SaaS deployment. The HSG core bank Product Suite (SaaS mode) can be implemented in less than 6 months.

  • Plug and Play Banking Modules

    HBS microservice architecture and "plug and play" banking modules enable customized banking solutions, fast adoption, and cost saving, accelerating your business innovations.

  • Cost-Effective Scalability

    Enable steady and rapid scaling of HSG's core banking system with SaaS platform on Alibaba Cloud to respond to business needs for more cloud resources and higher bandwidth.

  • 24-Years Banking Expertise

    HSG's pioneering banking technologies spans over 20 years makes this solution differentiated by banking domain expertise, rich and deeply held values, and a solid commitment to offering innovative solutions. HSG won the Banking Tech of The Year in the Asia FinTech Awards 2021.

  • Robust Global Cloud Infrastructure

    Alibaba Cloud’s global infrastructure across 30 regions and 89 availability zones, world leading security capabilities, and years of financial compliance expertise makes this solution robust and secure.

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How It Works

Your Challenges

Multiple external system interfaces with non-standardized format and different operation procedures need to be aligned and integrated with HBS Core Banking System. Large data volumes and product discrepancies cause migration issues and complicated data reconciliation.

Our Solution

  • This solution utilizes HBS Channel Integrator to standardize APIs for service channels, such as online account opening and mobile banking, and support files of different formats, including common text, XML, JSON, etc. The data migration process can be automated based on Alibaba Data Integration Service to transmit, convert, and synchronize data in an advanced distribution architecture with modules, such as dirty data processing and flow control. The knowledge base with operational reports is updated regularly, so you can conduct knowledge transfer with up-to-date information and provide remote support for customers in time.

Your Challenges

The integration of external systems with your backend banking system is complex with unpredictable risks. Lack of resources for core banking service implementation and banking experience, insufficient time for system launch, and demand from regulators for technology risk assessment all add pressure to building your banking system.

Our Solution

  • This solution leverages the Hi Sun Banking Suite (HBS) "plug and play" modules with Alibaba Mobile Platform as a Service (mPaaS), a one-stop solution for mobile app lifecycle management that supports app development, testing, and operations to simplify system implementation and reduce overall budget and time to market. You can consult the HSG banking experts for end-to-end solutions for the design, development, and integration of your banking system and use HSG live support to guarantee an efficient system launch. HBS and Alibaba Cloud provide system architectures with parameterized customization and regulatory-compliant products, facilitating faster license approval.

Your Challenges

Building a banking system requires time, investment, and IT resources, and the demand for manpower and financial resources to ensure regulatory-compliant security measures and data privacy is increasing.

Our Solution

  • This solution is based on a highly flexible and scalable SaaS platform that includes HSG's customizable pre-built modules for all backend services. You can use our open-source technologies and developer tools designed for effective backend system development to cut costs, respond faster to customer demands, and reduce time to market. Alibaba Cloud Managed Security Service applies years of best practices built by leading cloud security experts to increase your system security without any additional investment. This way, you can establish and optimize your security system to safeguard customers' businesses on the cloud.

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In Partnership with HSG

Hi Sun FinTech Global Limited (HSG) is a technology company specializing in fintech and system implementation. It provides “turn-key” solutions and digital transformation services for Financial Services Industry (FSI). HSG's history of developing and implementing pioneering technologies spans over 20 years, with numerous projects in China and more than 30 carried out overseas. The collaboration between HSG and Alibaba Cloud can help you enable fast banking system establishment, delivery low-cost and customizable solutions to financial institutions, and inspire innovation in Fintech.

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