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Alibaba Cloud AI technologies are continually evolving to meet demands from Alibaba’s e-commerce and retail businesses, and these innovations drive improvements in our products, allowing you to take advantage of Alibaba Cloud’s expertise to meet your business needs.


  • New Search Method
    Improve the search process to increase convenience and results. Based on machine learning, it enable your consumers to take a screen shot or upload an image to search and find desired products and fullfill other search requests.
  • Innovative Customer Support
    Customers get immediate customer service when they have questions or concerns. The Chatbot provides 24/7 online support and eliminates wait time for your users. The robot can process queries and deliver information in natural language. Users can use domain-specific knowledge bases, configure their own knowledge base for customized smart dialogs and use Intelligent Service Robot to facilitate self-service through multi-round dialog.


    • High Accuracy
    • Fast Response
    • Large Volume Support
    • Fast Deployment


Image Search
High-precision visual search product
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Intelligent Service Robot
Chatbot platform for smart dialogue
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