Alibaba Cloud Drive

Build your cloud drive to store, share, and manage photos and files online for your enterprise customers

Introducing Alibaba Cloud Drive

Alibaba Cloud Photo and Drive Service (PDS) enables you to build a cloud drive and provide it to your customers with enterprise-level features, such as large-volume file storage, ultra-fast file sharing, file and directory management, fine-grained access and permission control, and AI file analysis and classification.

  • High Speed File Transmission

    Enjoy super-fast speed when storing, sharing, and downloading files with Alibaba Cloud Drive’s centralized storage of metadata and global accelerated networking

  • Data-Driven Intelligence

    Extract, recognize, and re-categorize file metadata and support massive data queries based on Alibaba Cloud’s AI capabilities to understand unstructured data

  • High Availability and Reliability

    Achieve 99.9% SLA, back up your files across three available zones automatically, and enable one-key switch between primary and secondary nodes

  • Multi-Level Data Security

    Ensure data security with server-side data encryption, HTTPS 2.0-based transmission, end-to-end data validation, flexible authorization methods, and file watermarking functions

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Out-of-the-Box Enterprise-Level Capabilities

Centralized File Management

  • Efficient file and directory management

  • Intelligent file query

  • Online file preview

Efficient Online Collaboration

  • One-click file and folder sharing with no file size limits

  • Customized permission control

  • Collaborative online editing for Office documents

Identity and Access Management

  • File sharing security

  • File access security

  • Data security

How It Works

This solution provides comprehensive file management functions based on Alibaba Cloud's robust global network. You can grant access for users worldwide from your self-built applications (or via third-party accounts) and customize user permissions to enhance data security. In addition, the gallery function leverages Alibaba Cloud's leading AI technology to recognize faces automatically and tag and classify image content for intelligent management and content-based query of your media files.

  • File Management

    Manage directories and files through a variety of high-speed access capabilities, such as second-level file transfer, network acceleration, resumable transfer, high-concurrency download, and user-based permission management

  • Media Management

    Recognize objects, locations, faces, and other information in images automatically and provide metadata for multi-dimensional management of media files

  • Intelligent Classification

    Aggregate media files automatically based on information, such as scenarios, people, and locations, for a more convenient gallery view and management

This solution provides out-of-the-box cloud space management capabilities with different access methods. The fine-grained space management and measurement functions enable flexible use of cloud storage. Users can log in to the cloud drive via account/password based on OAuth or Access Key or from third-party applications, such as Taobao, DingTalk, and Alipay. In addition, ISVs can leverage white-label applications to provide industry-oriented services.

  • Data Management

    Enable cloud-based storage, query, and collaborative operations of data to facilitate remote work and file sharing

  • Data Intelligence

    Leverage Alibaba Cloud's embedded AI technology to support the extraction, identification, and classification of unstructured data, and the query of identified information

  • Fast File Storage

    Upload, delete, archive photos and files in seconds to reduce the total cost of operation (TCO)

  • Industry Applications

    Support your business by integrating white-label industry applications and fine-grained storage measurement

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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