Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service (ACIS)
– SaaS Data Localization

Expand your business to China quickly and efficiently while complying with applicable local rules and regulations


Alibaba Cloud InCountry Service (ACIS) , as an end-to-end data compliance solution, provides one simple integrated solution to compliance challenges in various countries. Map your controls and improve your compliance program leveraging the cloud technology.

ACIS is a SaaS service provided by Alibaba Cloud through the collaboration with InCountry. InCountry is an U.S. technology company focusing on data compliance platform that enables global data compliance for international business.


Local Compliance

Support data compliance requirements in China, helping regulated business stay compliant and secure

Easy Integration

Offer easy-to-integrate solutions that meet most global application workflows while minimizing the impact on existing functionality

Operational Efficiency

Extend your applications to manage data locally with no need to deploy and manage separate applications or different infrastructures

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Customer Story

Business Challenge

Using Global SaaS Application
Get the most world-class SaaS platform and customizable workflows locally.
Dealing with Local Compliance Issues
Global SaaS Application hosted overseas is not suitable for compliant retention of large volume domain-specific data.


Compliant Operation
Meet local compliance requirements for domain-specific data.
No Business Disruption
Minimize business disruptions while implementing and integrating the entire compliance stack.


Faster Business Expansion
Expand to China market with minimal investment in compliance and no disruption to existing enterprise processes.
Stronger Business Performance
Take advantage of modern global SaaS for stronger business performance.
Compliance with Local Regulations
Run your business in compliance with local regulations.

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Security and Compliance

We are committed to providing stable, reliable, secure, and compliant cloud computing infrastructure services across major jurisdictions around the world.
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  • ISO 27001
  • SOC2 Type II Report
  • C5
  • MLPS 2.0
  • MTCS

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