Venue Simulation Service

Venue Simulation Service (VSS) helps event organizers simulate the most important operation tasks (such as planning, procedures, staffing, facilities, and overlay) using digital twins instead of bringing everything to the venue physically.


Venue Simulation Service (VSS) is a cloud-based service that integrates cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and computer graphics, for venue digital modeling and operation simulations. In digital venue twins, VSS simulates the physical sports venue (the field of play, front of the house, back of the house, compound, etc.), the actions that occur during the major events (the competition, ceremony, interview, evacuation, etc.), and the overlay properties involved with the event (the furniture, facilities, equipment, etc.) VSS delivers the toolkit for event organizers to complete the event operation simulation online and supports the design of the events’ operation.

Solution Highlights

  • Cloud Rendering 3D Module

    Light-weight accessing from anywhere through mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, or laptops, instead of a high performance rendering workstation

  • Comprehensive Virtual Designing

    Operational strategy planning, venue survey, training, group discussions, and cross-function design checks can be delivered online 24/7

  • Reduce Carbon Footprint

    Significantly reduce the carbon footprint happened in numerous international travel and venue physical survey during pre-games, and costly adjustment of temporary construction

  • Event Legacy

    Simulate the overall operation process of major events to help transfer knowledge to future event organizers

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How It Works

Your Challenges

Event planning was commonly done manually through the production progress of overlay drawings based on venue CAD drawings. Unfortunately, all the critical operational detail could not be presented and exchanged between event stakeholders. Unidentified conflicts between different departments can cause late changes that will impact venue operation and involve unpredictable expenses.

Our Solution

  • VSS provides the comprehensive visualization of 3D venue planning design and allows event organizers to view the venues from multiple perspectives. It benefits from cloud rendering and streaming services. The cloud-based simulation platform provides the light-weight utilization mode, which allows users to access the high precision services anywhere through mobile devices, cell phones, tablets, or laptops instead of a high performance rendering workstation.

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Security and Compliance

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