Automotive Logistics Solution

Alibaba Cloud offers robust automobile monitoring and management solutions for vehicle manufacturers and goods owners to make vehicular monitoring easier, more efficient and accurate. Get real value for your business using various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence embedded in automotive network solutions.

Recommended Solution Architecture

Solution description

  1. The vehicle network architecture consists of four stages: IoT, service, big data zone and business intelligence.
  2. 1. IoT stage: an ECS hosted data collection cluster and an application server cluster combine to locate vehicles and collect and process their data.
  3. 2. Big data stage: huge data sets of transaction data between goods owners and vehicle owners are stored in Open Table Service/Distributed Relational Database Service to provide real-time queries for the clusters in the service stage. Alibaba Cloud MaxCompute provides statistical analyses and intelligent predictions. Analytical DB then implements the analyzed data and oversees the querying of the complex multidimensional data.
  4. 3. Service stage: the access server cluster completes app access to the browser for vehicle managers, drivers and goods owners. The application server cluster reports corresponding service processing details to the vehicle managers and drivers.
  5. 4. Local backup for remote disaster recovery: remote disaster recovery can be configured by Alibaba Cloud data centers located worldwide, greatly improving your network's service availability.
  6. 5. Security: Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer and a horizontally scalable ECS cluster are used in the IoT Zone and Service Zone to ensure the reliability of highly concurrent data. A powerful, integrated security system ensures your network is protected with a suite of security services including DDoS prevention, network intrusion detection, web application protection, host intrusion protection, vulnerability detection and Trojan detection.

Solution Driven

Resource deployment for traditional IDCs is slow and ultimately expensive. As services develop, the IDC architecture needs to be adjusted which may mean having to invest in upgrading new resources or replacing existing ones. In cases where emergency resources are required, it is a slow and costly process to meet the demand.
Alibaba Cloud's products are instantly available and ready on-demand. As your business rapidly grows, your cloud network can be elastically re-sized at any time to meet changing requirements.
It is difficult to ensure high-quality and accurate statistical analysis of high concurrent real-time data of the positioning and status of automobiles.
Based on the distributed architecture of the application system, Alibaba Cloud's platform features high concurrent data processing capabilities which can provide services for tens of millions of online vehicles, vehicle managers, drivers and goods owners.
The demand for the platform to be highly available is huge. The real time data of the automobiles in the network is needed, as is the reverse control commands. Improved availability of the network can ensure less downtime which in turn helps to prevent mistakes and accidents.
The cloud infrastructure comes with a suite of security services which protects the network application system. Highly advanced security features can prevent DDoS attacks up to hundreds of gigabytes, as well as providing protection from other attacks.
Traditional networks need to use a lot of different algorithms, platforms and data analysis tools and models to analyze data and optimize truck services. The lack of inter-platform visibility can reduce working efficiency.
The cloud platform provides various data analysis services and a powerful computing core. Through various algorithms, analytical models and multi-type data convergence, the Automotive Network Solution can mine the specific data which you need to create real value for your business.