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Alibaba Cloud expert team provide you instructions or help to implement the high concurrency and high availability (HA), container and microservice, and end-to-end pressure test solutions for customers.

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To meet your requirements for performance, security, disaster recovery, and to promote continuous delivery abilities, Alibaba Cloud expert team dedicated to application architecture will provide tailored solutions that utilizes Alibaba Cloud's key features and best practices.


High Concurrency and HA Implementation

Provide instructions or assistance to implement high concurrency and HA transformation during transformation, migration, and cutover.

Container and Microservice Implementation

Implement container orchestration and microservice splitting of the business system during transformation and implementation.

Improve the end-to-end service delivery capability.

End-to-End Pressure Test Implementation

Provide optimization suggestions for some cloud products based on the pressure test result.

Disaster Tolerance and Backup Service Implementation

Implement intra-city or remote / local or remote disaster tolerance and backup of applications, data, and databases.

Provide instructions for daily management: disaster tolerance and backup, troubleshooting policies, processes and specifications.

Architecture Scaling and Performance Optimization

Provide instructions for you to optimize the application deployment architecture.

Provide instructions to complete architecture elasticity transformation of cloud products.

Help customer to complete scaling of the application architecture and activation of new resources.

Application Security Optimization

Provide instructions to optimize the security configurations of the operating system, networks, and devices, implement management policies.

Complete cutover from the offline security architecture to the on-cloud security architecture.


"The Application Architecture Benchmark Evaluation Report" and "The Application Architecture Optimization Report"

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