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Plan, design, organize, and operate your IT technology management jobs. Design and build the technology management architecture and framework, service continuous improvement process, service delivery, and IT governance (ITG). Provide consulting, technical instructions, and solutions for the business system to be migrated to the cloud.

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Alibaba Engineers

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Alibaba Cloud designs a comprehensive system of technology and service management, and provides support and administration, to fulfill your service strategy for management.


Design and Building of Technology Management Architecture and Framework

Design the framework of processes such as service continuous improvement, ITG, and service delivery.

Satisfy rapid response to technology management and to support business development.

Design and Building of Service Continuous Improvement Process

Service acquisition, measurement and improvement.

Project delivery and events.

Problems and changes.

Architectures, performance and capacity

Daily operations.

Design and Building of Service Delivery

Provide a service capability system for management of contracts, audit, SLA, finance, architecture, processes, projects.

Design and Building of IT governance (ITG)

Design, build, and provide a service capability system for management of the business objectives and strategies, long-term planning, business partners, performance assessment, upgrade.


"The IT Managed Service Project Implementation Solution" "The IT Managed Service Project Stage Progress Report" and "The IT Managed Service Project Summary Report"

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