ICP Filing Consulting Service

To deploy a website in Mainland China, applicants must first apply for an ICP Filing as required by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). Oftentimes, applicants run into issues due to complicated processes, language barriers, and strict requirements on supporting materials.
In order to ensure a hassle-free experience to completing the ICP filing, Alibaba Cloud has launched the ICP Filing Consulting Service. This service provides consultation on ICP rules, ICP processes, document preparation, and ICP submission, to help Alibaba Cloud customers complete the ICP filing seamlessly.

Advantages & Benefits

Professional Support

Alibaba Cloud provides an ICP filing system and ICP app as platforms to simplify the ICP application process for customers.

Extensible Services

Alibaba Cloud provides diverse services, including ICP consulting and maintenance services.

Dedicated Experts

We provide experts to assist you throughout the ICP filing process including process consultation, document preparation, and application submission.

Our Core Services

Core Services

  • Domain real-name verification consultation
  • Key materials collection consultation
  • ICP filing upload consultation
  • ICP filing result consultation
  • One year ICP filing maintenance service

Core Deliverables

  • ICP filing number
  • ICP instruction manual
6-Step Process
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Service Execution
Solution Confirmation
Service Acceptance

Scope of Service

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