Event Management Service

Alibaba Cloud provides fully remote and onsite technical support in case of emergencies to ensure the stability of your businesses on the cloud. Our expert team tests your system’s capacity and provides you on-site technical support as well as advice on management schemes, system optimization and disaster tolerance methods, and emergency response mechanisms.

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During activities that lead to sharp traffic increase of your systems, such as business promotions, advertising and marketing, version updates, and major online promotion campaigns, Alibaba Cloud shall provide you with the relevant technical support services, to help you maintain business stability.


Expert Support Team

Assign a dedicated professional technical manager.

Provide the on-site service * (The on-site service is charged separately by man/day. In addition, the on-site service is charged at three times the common price during national holidays).

Provide the 24x7 IM dedicated group.

Alignment with the Business Objectives

Confirm with you the business objectives.

Confirm with you the business scope.

Current System Capacity Analysis

Provide capacity analysis of the existing system.

Cloud Product Architecture Optimization

Assist you in the pressure tests and analyze the pressure test results.

Provide the Alibaba Cloud product-based optimization solutions and instructions for implementing the solutions.

Database Optimization

Identify the current performance bottleneck of the database.

Diagnostic analysis of the database (Depends on database engine).

Database optimization based on the database diagnostic analysis results.

Security Reinforcement

Provide the security reinforcement suggestions based on your requirements.

Provide security solutions to help you with the architecture configuration of security products.

Disaster Tolerance Solution Planning

Provide the disaster tolerance solutions based on your business objectives and existing architecture.

Daily Event Management Report

Submit the daily dedicated reports to describe the problems during the dedicated service period and resource usage.


The "Event Management Service Acceptance Report" is output. The report contains the diagnostic analysis, pressure test analysis, and architecture optimization suggestions or solutions for the Alibaba Cloud resources used by the Customer; problems detected during the event management service period and related suggestions or solutions; and security event monitoring reports and repair schemes (if that’s the case).

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