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Based on current architecture and objectives of your business system, Alibaba Cloud expert team designs architecture for you, such as high concurrency and high availability (HA), container and microservice, and end-to-end pressure test solutions.

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This service is applicable to enterprises requiring best practice consultation on Internet-based architecture, development framework, service, and data management for application systems that run on the Alibaba Cloud platform.

This service is for customers who already have cloud-based businesses and infrastructure but want to optimize their architecture to create more values.


High Concurrency and HA Design

Design high concurrency and HA solutions that conform to business system and objectives.

Meet the application high concurrency and high access frequency requirements of business system.

Container and Microservice Design

Design R&D, test, quality control, delivery, monitoring, and code management solutions for business system based on EDAS.

Design microservice splitting solution of business system.

Plan roles and management specifications of microservice delivery teams to meet your requirements.

End-to-End Pressure Test Service Design

Design end-to-end pressure test solution, including core pressure test path, pressure test concurrency level.

Plan for business system based on PTS.

Disaster Tolerance and Backup Service Design

For you key applicaitons: Design and plan intra-city or remote disaster tolerance and backup solutions.

For you applicaitons: Design and plan local or remote disaster tolerance and backup solutions.

For you data or databases: Design and plan intra-city or remote disaster tolerance and backup solutions.

Design and plan cross-data center disaster tolerance and backup solutions in hybrid cloud scenario.

Architecture Scaling and Performance Optimization Design

Design the selection, specifications, and quantity of resources of business system.

Select appropriate cloud products, such as elastic computing, storage, bandwidth, database, and middleware.

Application Security Optimization Design

Analyze security requirements and gaps regarding operating system, network access, network equipment, application system, storage, and database.

Select appropriate security products, specifications, and policies.

Design appropriate security management and O&M policies.


The "Architecture Consulting Implementation Solution" "Application Architecture Survey Report" "Architecture Consulting Report"

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