A low-code development platform to make work easier

YiDA, Simplifying Application Building

End-to-End, Comprehensive Solution
If you build applications using YiDA, you only need to focus on the business itself. YiDA takes care of infrastructure services, such as data storage, runtime environments, servers, and network security. In addition, YiDA provides powerful elastic computing and dynamic scaling capabilities, guaranteeing efficient and stable business operations.

Application Building Platform with a Low Code Workload
YiDA encapsulates page elements as basic components and business components and encapsulates business rules and permissions as rule configurations, formulas, and draggable process designers using high-level abstraction. You can build an application system that meets your business requirements by dragging components and setting parameters instead of writing code.

It allows you to report or collect data. This helps realize data-oriented collaboration and sharing.

It allows you to approve requests for reimbursement and leave.

It allows you to configure reports and dashboards for real-time visualization of online business operations based on accumulated data. This way, the business situation is clear at a glance.

Organizational Structure
The enterprise address book feature of DingTalk is used by default. Activities related to approval can be implemented based on the organizational structure, which is convenient and fast.

DingTalk messages and to-do lists are supported, ensuring that important information is received.

Enterprise Workbench
Built applications can be connected to the enterprise workbench quickly, realizing online collaboration and mobile office.

Features Provided by YiDA

Best Practices of YiDA


Improve 15% Production Efficiency for Henneway

Build a production process monitoring and management system
The data of real-time production capacity will be pushed to the central system by connecting with cameras at over 1000 production stations, edge computing, and video analysis.

Real-Time Report
Enables managers to redistribute the production tasks in-time.

Traditional Retailing

A total of 317 processes have been established, covering multiple domains, such as finance, personnel, administration, daily office, etc., for Easyhome.

Collaborative Management
YiDA connects more than 20 branches, 300 branch stores, 1,800 organizational departments, and 14,000 employees in direct and franchise stores.
Easyhome integrates YiDA with various business systems, such as SAP and Kingdee ERP to realize online collaboration.

Meeting Requirements in Complex Scenarios and Saving Costs
YiDA provides highly configurable forms and processes and has access to the organization’s employee data on DingTalk. In addition, YiDA is a development platform that is applicable to bothapplies to PCs and mobile devices. This greatly simplifies system integration and reduces the development workload.


YiDA allows FlyZoo Hotel to improve service quality and housing experience with only one-fourth of the service agents required by traditional hotels.

Online Processes and Traceable Tickets
After a customer submits a ticket using a mini program or through an agent, the customer can view the progress of the ticket, covering ticket initiation, task allocation, execution, and completion.

High Efficiency and Ultimate Housing Experience
"It is so surprising! I requested a pair of slippers on the mini program and a robot sent them to me within 30 seconds."

Bringing a Ticket System Online within 24 Hours
The ticket system of FlyZoo Hotel was deployed in under 24 hours with the help of YiDA.

Core Features of YiDA
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