Phone Number Verification Service

A one-stop, multi-channel verification solution

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A Fast and Secure
Verification Service

The service provides comprehensive processes, including verification code generation, multi-channel verification code sending, and verification code verification. It integrates security capabilities to effectively defend against attacks of invalid registrations and provides a convenient, secure, efficient, and easy-to-use one-stop user verification service based on mobile numbers for enterprise applications.

With a simple API, you can flexibly orchestrate multiple channels for verification services. The channels include Short Message Service (SMS), voice, and WhatsApp.

Easy Development and Access

You only need to complete the configuration in the console and connect to a simple API to complete the access. This eliminates the development costs of self-managed verification services, including those in verification code generation, storage, and verification. In addition, you do not need to configure routing and security protection policies for each regional language. You can directly call API operations to send verification codes without submitting accounts, such as SenderID and WhatsApp Business Account (WABA), for filing.

Improved the Verification Success Rate

Verification codes can be sent to end users using multiple channels. You can select the verification that uses the WhatsApp or voice channel to improve the verification success rate in scenarios where verification codes cannot be obtained using SMS. The optimal channel orchestration policy is selected for you based on the sending success rates and costs in different countries and regions.

Reduced Verification Costs

The service proactively defends against the attacks of massive voice or text messages sent to specified numbers using scripts. This reduces verification costs caused by scams and fake registrations. The service can be charged based on the number of success times or the combination of the channel and the number of verification success times. You can choose a billing method to meet your business requirements.

How Phone Number Verification Service Works


One-Stop Access from Multiple Channels

You will have one-stop access from multiple channels (such as SMS, voice, and WhatsApp) by using the unified API. You can flexibly choose a channel to ensure that messages accurately reach users. This increases the verification conversion rate.

WhatsApp: One-time password (OTP) information can be delivered through WhatsApp to ensure a high delivery rate for WhatsApp users and avoid message delivery failures caused by blocking by carriers.
SMS: All carriers support sending verification code information using messages. It is the most common way to reach users and is not limited by customer terminals and usage environments.
Voice: Text-to-speech (TTS) supports the conversion of verification codes into voice to reach users, with rapid voice answering and fast verification guarantee.

Intelligent Security Protection

Built-in security protection capabilities (such as blocking on-risk numbers, landline number verification, and high-risk country blacklists) effectively reduce the probability of international scams and frauds and help customers avoid risks and reduce losses.

● The service provides built-in number detection, blocking and alerting mechanisms, success rate alerting, and other security capabilities.
● The service establishes security risk control models and built-in frequency control rules to block the numbers that are risky and make frequent requests.

Preset Templates Accelerate Service Rollout

The filing and review of OTP templates are complete. The templates of multilingual verification messages are provided, and the content can be flexibly configured to comply with local laws and regulations. Multiple countries can be covered using one API.

SMS channel: Uses the unified SenderID of Alibaba Cloud to send messages. You do not need to submit SenderID for filing. This improves access efficiency and sending quality.
WhatsApp channel: Uses the unified WABA of Alibaba Cloud to send messages. You do not need to submit information, such as WABA, for filing.
Voice channel: Uses the public voice number pool of Alibaba Cloud to make outbound calls. You do not need to submit a specific number for filing.

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