Quota Center

View and manage quotas of Alibaba Cloud services in a centralized manner.

Manage Quotas of Alibaba Cloud Services in a Centralized Manner

Quota Center allows you to view and manage the quotas of Alibaba Cloud services in a centralized manner. A quota refers to the maximum number of resources that an Alibaba Cloud account can use, or the maximum number of operations that an Alibaba Cloud account can perform. You can query the default values and usage of quotas, the history of quota application, the supported Alibaba Cloud services, and whether quotas can be modified, and apply for quota increases in the Quota Center console.

Alibaba Cloud services that are supported in Quota Center >

Centralized Management

Provides centralized management for general quotas, API rate limits, and privileges of Alibaba Cloud services. Unified user experience, documentation, and API operations are available. Learn More >

Quota Transparency

Helps you quickly understand the quota limits, quota usage, and the maximum quotas that you can apply for. Learn More >


Allows you to quickly modify quotas in the console or by calling API operations. Learn More >

Active Management

Allows you to configure alert policies and use automated methods based on your organizational structure. This helps you prevent system errors that are caused due to quota limits. Learn More >


Centralized Management for Multiple Types of Quotas

Quota Center supports quota management for general quotas, API rate limits, and privileges, which covers common user scenarios in the cloud.

General Quota

The limits on cloud resources that can be allocated to an Alibaba Cloud account. When you create an Alibaba Cloud account, you can modify the limits on specific cloud resources that can be created. You can apply for increases on general quotas based on your business requirements. For example, you can increase the maximum number of security groups for your Alibaba Cloud account.

API Rate Limit

The limits on the frequency of API operations called by an Alibaba Cloud account in a specific period of time. When you create an Alibaba Cloud account, the limits on queries per second (QPS) of API operations are configured by default. You can apply for increases in API rate limits based on your business requirements. For example, you can set a maximum QPS of the CreateECS operation to 100.


The limits on features, attributes, specifications, and maintenance status that are not fully available to all users. You can apply for different privileges based on your business requirements. For example, you can apply for a privilege to associate an Anycast elastic IP address (EIP) with an Application Load Balancer (ALB) instance.

Flexible Response to Multiple Scenarios

Quota Center integrates its services into multiple scenarios such as the single-account scenario, multi-account scenario, and O&M scenario. This helps implement business in an easier manner.

Single-account Scenario

If you perform management in enterprise mode by using an Alibaba Cloud account and Resource Access Management (RAM) users within the account, you can manage the quotas within your organization after Quota Center is granted the required permissions.

Multi-account Scenario

Enterprises that use resource directories to manage daily business in hierarchical management mode can configure aligned quota baselines for new member accounts by using quota templates. This way, new member accounts can be immediately used for business after they are created.

Monitoring and O&M Scenario

The quota alert feature allows O&M teams of enterprises and organizations to continuously manage the quota usage, monitor whether the quota limits are reached, and dynamically modify the limits based on their business requirements.


Single-account Scenario

You can use Quota Center to manage quotas.


  • Transparency

    Unified UIs are provided for you to query quotas, modify quotas, and view quota application records.

  • Monitorability

    Alert notifications for quotas can be sent in multiple channels.

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Multi-account Scenario

You can use quota templates to manage quotas for multiple accounts.


  • Quota Inheritance

    You can configure policies to automatically apply for global quotas based on organizations.

  • Quota Usage Management

    You can query the usage of quotas and configure alerts based on the quota usage.

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