AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL

An online MPP warehousing service based on the Greenplum Database open source program

AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL Pricing

Billing Methods

※ Pay-As-You-Go
※ Subscription

Prices are vary from region to region, go to Purchase Page for details.

What We Charge For

* Instance Fees
For billing method, you can choose from PAYG and Subscription.
* Storage Fees
You will be charged with PAYG as default billing method.
* Traffic Fees
So far, we don't charge you for traffic of inbound or outbound.
* SQL Auditing
Free to use, no matter to enable or disabled the function, you won't be charged.
* Performance Monitoring Fees
Free monitoring service is offered at a frequency of once per 300 seconds.

Other Instructions

* This product can only serve with a multiple replicas architecture , the number of nodes must be an even number.
* Scale in or scale down is not allowed by now, so it's better to choose a proper specs according to your needs. You can also turn to help through online live chat for professional advices.
* 4-core nodes have good adaptability in a variety of scenarios, and are the main recommended specifications;
* Single-core nodes are only suitable for business scenarios with low concurrency (the number of concurrency is less than 5) and simple queries (the table association is no more than 3);
* If you purchase a pay-as-you-go instance, a bill will be generated every hour. If an expansion operation occurs during the time you use it, the current hourly bill will be settled according to the maximum spec you use that time.
eg. The original specification is 1 USD/hour, and the upgraded specification is 2 USD/hour, and the current hour will be charged at 2 USD/hour.

For more information about specs and selection suggestion, please refer to Instance specifications.

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