Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage

Provides scalable, distributed, and high-performance block storage and object storage services in a software-defined manner.

Build Your Storage Platform With High Efficiency

Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage (HCDS) provides scalable and reliable distributed block storage and object storage services for enterprise applications, enterprise databases, virtual desktops, cloud-native applications, file sharing, and data archiving. Hybrid Cloud Distributed Storage was built on industry-standard x86 servers. It seamlessly integrates with hybrid cloud platforms.

Enterprise-Oriented Storage Services

Provides innovative software-defined and block storage features and delivers high performance, reliability, and scalability to enterprises in complex storage scenarios.

Seamless Business Integration

Integrates with different enterprises and platforms based on common block storage and object storage protocols. It also provides RESTful APIs.

Agile Development

Provides one-click installation and deployment and supports quick scaling and upgrading. HCDS also provides standard GUIs, comprehensive logging and alerting features, intensive software and hardware monitoring, and AI-based predictive O&M with reduced workloads and costs.


Hybrid and Private Clouds

Provides persistent block storage services, integrates with platforms (such as OpenStack), and allows you to build hybrid clouds based on common cloud-native storage protocols and RESTful APIs

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Enterprise Applications and Databases

Supports traditional FC SAN and iSCSI SAN with multi-site high availability and seamlessly integrates with enterprise applications on AIX, Linux, and Windows. HCDS provides enterprise-oriented OLTP and OLAP performance and capacity with elastic and controllable pooled resources based on a distributed architecture.

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Virtualization Technologies

Meets the storage requirements of enterprise-oriented virtualization technologies (such as VMware, and Citrix) and provides enterprises with the best practices in virtualized interaction scenarios

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Containerized Applications

Supports the latest container ecosystems and provides container storage interface (CSI) NFS and iSCSI storage drivers.

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