Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup is an easy-to-use and cost-effective online data management service. It provides secure and efficient backup, disaster recovery and archive services for Alibaba Cloud ECS instance, files, ECS databases, NAS and OSS, as well as on-premises data including VMware virtual machines, large scale NAS systems, files systems and databases.

Secure and Scalable Data Protection Solution

Provides secure, cost-effective, and scalable data protection for data stored in the cloud and on-premises data centers. With the deduplication and AES-256 encryption features, you can reduce a large number of cloud storage costs while ensuring data security. Cloud Backup is a feasible solution that allows you to back up data stored in Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Apsara File Storage NAS, Object Storage Service (OSS), on-premises data centers, and VMware virtual machines. Cloud Backup also allows you to migrate data from VMware virtual machines to Alibaba Cloud.

To simplify the deployment in local data centers, an Cloud Backup appliance is introduced to eliminate the need for hardware configuration and backup agent installation.


Up to 70% TCO Reduction compared to traditional on-premise BR solutions
Up to 30:1 deduplication and compression ratio, saving network and storage consumption
AES-256 encryption ensures data security for transmission and storage
12 9's data durability and 99.9% service availability
Auto-monitoring and Alerting
Enterprise-level features
KMS encryption, immutable backup and permission isolation supported


Integrated Cloud Data Protection

Provides an integrated platform that allows you to back up data stored in Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances, Apsara File
Storage NAS file systems, and Object Storage Service (OSS) buckets, as well as ECS cross-AZ / cross-region disaster recovery.

Integrated Management

Allows you to view and manage ECS instances, NAS file systems, and OSS buckets, create backup plans, and monitor backup jobs in the cloud-native console.

Comprehensive Support for Applications

Supports backing up data that is stored in ECS instances, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server databases, and SAP HANA databases.

Incremental Backup and Permanent Storage

Provides incremental backup and permanent storage for ECS instances, NAS file systems, and OSS buckets to ensure high backup efficiency.

Data Management of On-premise Data Center

Support files, databases backup and backup / archive to cloud for large-scale NAS systems.

Files and Databases Backup

Allows you to choose files or directories, Database table from on-premises servers to be backed up and customize backup policies for them

Backup /Archive NAS Systems to Cloud

File Analysis helps you decide management strategies. Global Indexing & Searching grants you fetch your specified file from archive vault efficiently.

VMware Backup, Disaster Recovery, and Migration

Provides proxy-free cloud backup and migration for VMware virtual machines. This ensures cost-effective disaster recovery for
data stored in VMware virtual machines.

Cluster-based Backup

With the cluster-based backup and HotAdd features, Cloud Backup Gateway allows you to back up data in parallel. This increases backup efficiency.

Efficient Data Transit

Virtual machine data is deduplicated before backup to ensure that a minimum amount of data is uploaded for a full backup.

One-click Disaster Recovery

Backups for virtual machines can be restored to ECS instances by using only a few clicks. This ensures business continuity.

Proxy-free Migration

Allows you to continuously migrate data from VMware virtual machines to the cloud and synchronize data between both sides at regular intervals. Data is verified before migration to ensure that a switchover can be completed in a short period of time.


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